Plan your bachelorette party with Toronto limo rental

Planning a bachelor party is no cakewalk. In order for it to remain a legendary evening, which will still provide successful memories and stories years later, it should be thought through well and at an early stage. You can find out how to do this in our systematic instructions. A bachelorette party can require quite a lot of organizational skills from you and your friends.

Bachelor Party Procedure – 13 weeks prior

First, it should be determined who should plan the bachelor party. Normally, the bride’s or groom’s witnesses or groomsmen take over the planning of the party. You should also set the guest list with the bachelor. The evening belongs to the bride or groom alone and they have a say in who is allowed to come and who is not. Maybe there are even guests who should definitely come. If you want to do it secretly, your bachelor’s partner may be able to send you the most important guests and contact details.

Consider these steps 10 weeks in advance

Once the guest list has been created, you should contact the entire group. You should agree on a medium with which you can best carry out the planning. The easiest way to do this is via a WhatsApp or Facebook group, for example. Here you can vote directly, send links, ideas and pictures and set the most important thing together: the date. The date is usually kept from the bride or groom so the bachelorette party can be a huge surprise.

How can you make a party a special day?

In order to be able to plan a bachelor party well, you should at best plan the whole day. Have you thought of renting Toronto limo service or a party bus for that party night? Would not it be a spectacular moment for all? Therefore, you start the day well and get a good basis for the rest of the day. Depending on which activities and surprises you decide on, you should ask what is allowed and what is desired. 

6 to 8 weeks before – it is getting serious

If you have now decided on one to three ideas, these must be booked immediately and costs budgeted. It is best to divide the tasks among yourselves so that all the work is not just stuck on one person. So it is best to write down who of you is planning/booking what and, above all, by when?! This way you can keep track and nothing can go wrong.

4 weeks before – time is running

Of course, the right outfit is also part of the party. To show that you are a group, the outfits should be consistent. The bride or groom is welcome to continue to attract attention so that everyone can see that the whole evening revolves around this person.

1 week before – the countdown is on

Now there is not much time left to organize the evening. Go through everything again and create a schedule for the day. At best, you will go through all your bookings on the phone again to really make sure everything is going according to plan.