Scrolling through my emails at 3am in the morning, holding my just fed/now sleeping daughter, I came across an opportunity to collaborate with Neutrogena on their newest product line, the Bright Boost Collection. My first thought was SURE, let’s give it a shot – I’ve tried a few Neutrogena products before and really liked them, so why not give this one a shot too.

So, the products came in, and I gave myself a some time to test them out – basically following doctors orders, or in this case, the instructions from the company. I used the products religiously, and not just because I promised I would. But, keep reading to find out WHY.

Let me start by telling you about each of the products, one by one. I really believe they deserve a full review! (*hint hint* I LOVE them)

STEP ONE: PREP with the Resurfacing Micro Polish

Directions:+ Use 1-3 times per week
+ Apply to hands and gently massage onto wet face
+ Rinse with water
+ Pat dry
My Review:+ Tiny bead like texture helps with exfoliation and polishing effect
+ Delicate and fresh scent – almost floral like
+ Good amount of product comes out when squeezing
+ Face feels very refreshed and clean after drying off with towel
Price:$10.97 cad @ Amazon

STEP TWO: BOOST with the Illuminating Serum

Directions: + Use every morning and evening
+ Apply 4-5 drops only fingertips and massage onto face
My Review:+ Delicate cream-gel feeling
+ Light and fresh scent
+ The dropper is not the easiest to use – the pump only pulls in
enough product for 1.5 drops. This is a bit inconvenient.
Price: $34.99 @ Amazon


Directions:+ Apply twice daily to cleansed face and neck
+ Smooth evenly until fully absorbed
My Review:+ Light and fresh scent
+ Great application because of gel-cream consistency
+ Does not streak or leave any white residue
Price:$34.99 cad @ Amazon

STEP FOUR: PROTECT with the SPF Moisturizer

Directions:+ Apply as needed
+ Can be worn under makeup
+ SPF 30 and moisturizer
+ Lightweight and sheer moisture
+ Not only does it provide protection but it also lifts dullness and
uneven texture for smoother skin instantly
My Review:+ Great product as it’s a moisturizer with SPF (so important)
+ Reliable SPF spectrum
+ Does not have the typical sunscreen scent
+ Works well under makeup too; but it’s key to let it dry
entirely before applying any makeup
Price:$27.97 cad @ Amazon

In summary, all of the products are fantastic quality; have a lovely delicate scent, and when applied, they feel soft, do not streak, are not greasy, and therefore feel comfortable on your face. All of these products are dermatologist tested as well. This is always something I look for when shopping for skin products – just knowing this makes me feel more confident with using the product on my skin.

Finally, as you can see from my photos – these products have the prettiest packaging. I might be a bit biased because I am a pink girl at heart, but I mean, that ombre effect on the Resurfacing Micro Polish – give me more!


Washing your hands is SUPER important; now and always! BUT what happens to your hands after you wash them many times a day is just as important. It’s great that when we wash our hands properly {at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap} we wash off and away bacteria, but we also wash away a thin layer of our skins natural barrier which actually protects our hands!

By all means though, WASH your hands thoroughly and often – we can work on the saving and rebuilding of your natural skin barrier with a few easy steps!

Since by this point we all {hopefully} know how to wash our hands properly, I’ll skip through that part and go right into the next step.


My answer to that is simple – moisturize! It’s really {usually} that simple. Moisturizer seems to be the answer to all our skins needs – especially during the colder winter months when our skin is more prone to dryness!

I’ve worked through my collection of hand creams and lotions to bring you a shortlist of 4 that I highly recommend; specifically for dry hands.

EUCERIN+ very dry hands
+ complete repair
+ dermatologist tested
+ medium richness
+ gentle feel / strong coating
+ light and refreshing scent
+ non-greasy
$10.50 Cad / 75ml
NIVEA+ 3 in 1 / anti-age / Q10 Collection
+ anti wrinkle, smooth, even tone
+ classic fresh Nivea scent
+ medium richness
+ dermatologist tested
+ normal to dry hands
$6.50 Cad / 100 ml
CERAVE+ therapeutic hand cream
+ normal to dry hands
+ prevents against cracking/roughness
+ relieves itching due to dry skin
+ water resistant
$15.49 Cad / 85 ml
AVENE+ cold cream/severe cold protectant
+ concentrated cream
+ dry and damaged hands
+ formulated to reduce allergic reaction
$10.00 Cad / 50 ml

The key is to find a good hand cream that works for what you need it too – because they’re not all the same. Sometimes {and most often} the one in the prettiest packaging with the most beautiful scent, is not the one that will truly protect your skin as needed. Don’t get me wrong though, I have a collection of those pretty ones as well. Nevertheless, that also means that if one moisturizer works for me, it actually might not work for you; and that’s okay! Just keep looking!

I hope this little hand cream guide can help you with your next hand cream purchase. If you already use any of these or have any other great recommendations let me know! I’m always looking for the next best thing when it comes to hand creams!


My love for bags and shoes will never disappear, but I’ve recently become very interested in makeup. If you check my browser history it’s basically all cosmetics + beauty pages – from makeup to skin care and everything in between. I think maybe it’s a coming of age thing; like, moisturizing my face and neck is now a real thing every night! I’d say I come from a family of good genes but the extra little help won’t hurt.

So, there really are many products I can talk about; that I plan on writing about really, but I’d like to start with one that I’ve recently laid my hands on.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Kylie Jenner and her famous Lip Kits – well, on #BlackFriday this year I caved and splurged a bit. I mean, who does that? I’ve never even seen her product in real life, and I still managed to buy a box full of products!

I’m not sure what really brought on this sudden need for these products but the urge was real. I just HAD to find out what the big deal was!

But let’s start at the beginning. As all other things, I researched my heart out to figure out when and if there will be any deals for Black Friday on her site. It wasn’t hard to figure out that last years deals were great so the anticipation was that this year would be the same. I browsed her page; probably viewed every single product on there, and made my list of what I’d like to purchase.

Finally, the night before Black Friday arrived and that magical message came through – 40% off all lip products on Kyle Cosmetics! JACKPOT! Lucky for me, the site had saved my selection in my shopping cart so I was able to literally with one click confirm my purchase and put the order through! I was as excited as a child on Christmas. I was finally getting a Kylie Lip Kit!

Now here we are, three weeks later, I am the proud owner of SIX Kylie Cosmetics products! So, what did I buy? Well, here’s the list:

  • Koko K Lip Kit
  • Koko K Gloss
  • Charm Velvet Lip Kit
  • Flirtini Matte Lipstick
  • Puppy Love Creme Lipstick
  • Posie K Velvet Lipstick

First off, the colors I bought are fairly neutral shades with pink tones for the most part. They all look pretty similar, but have different finishes such as the matte, velvet, creme, or gloss.

The lip liner is amazing – it’s very creamy, goes on delicately, and really matches well to the lip stick. The scent at first threw me off a bit, it’s smells like something sweet, something I think I know, but I really can’t put a name to it. After a few times I got used to it and actually craved it a bit? If that makes sense? I guess it smells nice once you get used to it.

Also, in terms of need for reapplication; it’s minimal. I’m able to put it on in the morning and not have to apply till after lunch. And that’s even pushing it because the color stays on your lips for a really long time and the only reason to reapply is to give yourself that fresh look again. Finally, the products do not dry out your lips, aren’t sticky, and don’t crack (like some matte products do). That’s what I’ve found anyways. There may be other reviews out there that have different opinions, and that’s because everyone’s lips are different. But, that’s my honest review.

So, overall ; I am SO happy of this purchase and will definitely be wearing these until I’ve used them all up. I’m actually already planning for what I’ll be restocking next time Kylie Cosmetics has a sale!

A few things to note when planning your purchase:

  • Free shipping on US orders over $40
  • Free shipping on international orders over $60
  • If you sign up for her newsletter/emails you receive a discount code you can use on your purchase
  • The Black Friday sales are a great time to buy – I mean, 40% of lips and 30% off face is a steal!
  • Follow the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account to stay up to date on products and promotions! There’s sometimes free shipping deals, or other sales she does.

Generally, now that I’ve tried her products, I see what the hype of about and I’m right there with the other fans. Her products are great, and the price is reasonable as well! If you are interested in any of these and have any questions for me about them, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!




This past December, I came to a realization – my skin has changed. I wonder if it’s because of my age, maybe my environment, maybe stress levels, OR most likely, a combination of all of the above. Once I realized I require a different skin care routine for the cooler/colder months, than the one I was using during the summer, I started my research.

In the summer time, my skin is super oily, and in the winter it’s super dry – could I not have the perfect in between skin all year long? In a way it’s frustrating, but at the same time, this gives me the opportunity to switch up my routine and try out new products, and of course, go shopping!


Since it’s winter and I’m in my winter skin routine, let me tell you a little about it and what products I’ve come to love! It’s quite simple actually, I learnt about First Aid Beauty first through online research, then by consulting with a skin care professional, and this has become the one and only product I trust for my face during the winter time.

So, here are the products I have been using and what I think of them:
F.A.B. Face Cleanser My main goal for face wash is for it to be scent free, and gentle. This one specifically does just what it should – it washes away all my dry skin, oils, and even makeup! After drying, my face feels smooth and purely clean – it’s actually quite satisfying and amazing!



F.A.B. Facial Radiance Pads I LOVE toner pads, especially for a quick clean in between washes if I’m feeling my skin is dry /oily or just needs a refresher. These came in a package of 60 pads, which is just the right amount, to use them before they go dry. Another great thing about them is that after using them, my skin isn’t dry and stiff, it just feels like I’ve washed my face; fresh and clean.

F.A.B. Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration: This moisturizer is heaven sent, especially for the winter season and dry skin! The moisturizer is thick and you don’t need a lot. It goes on smooth and even with its thickness it sinks in just right. I also learned that you can use this moisturizer all over your body and not just on your face – GENIUS!

Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer: I never thought I would need, or even want to use this type of product, but once I started, I can’t stop! I love putting this on my skin about 5 minutes after washing and moisturizing, to let the moisturizer sink in. What I love about this too, is that you can skip the moisturizer if you want to!


F.A.B. Ultra Repair Lip Therapy: After I apply the coconut primer, and before I start doing my makeup, I apply a small amount of the LIP to my lips. It sinks in and restores my lips moisture while I’m doing the rest of my makeup. This LIP is perfect for the base of a lipstick as it’s not greasy or too oily, and helps the lipstick to be applied in a smooth manner to your lips.



F.A.B. Masks: All summer long I used various charcoal masks, but, since my skin gets to dry in the winter, charcoal has become an enemy. I recently purchased these three F.A.B. face masks, so I can’t say how I like them just yet, but if they’re anything like the previous products I’ve mentioned (which I’m 99% sure they are), they will be amazing!

Have you tried any of the First Aid Beauty products? Are there any other ones you would recommend?