Crazy Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for some unusual ideas for your wedding, there are plenty of crazy wedding themes that are bound to delight your guests. If you want to have a really fun wedding, you can have a carnival-themed reception, complete with fairground icons like hook-a-duck or a giant inflatable velcro wall. These games are guaranteed to get the blood pumping, but you should make sure to warn your guests to wear a face-paint-free dress.

Instead of having your wedding in white, try using another color! Not all of us like white. Historically, white represented virginity and purity, but nowadays, white has become just another color. Consider wearing the color that represents your personalities and enjoy the reactions that you will get from your guests. A fun way to do this is by using a hashtag. This is the new language of weddings, and it can help you find a lot of different kinds of content.

An outdoor picnic is a great idea for an afternoon. While a countryside location might have a picnic area, city couples can simply pack their picnic baskets and hit their favorite park. You could even have the wedding catering delivered there. Just make sure that you know the catering matrimonio prezzi beforehand. This is an adorable idea that has a retro charm, and it is also a great way to utilize the talents of your guests. A mini golf course or Twister game is another great idea for your wedding party. For more crazy wedding ideas, check out the links below!

The guestbook can have a message-in-a-bottle theme. Instead of a traditional guest book, you can include Polaroid pictures or other pictures of the bride and groom. The guestbook can include any message you want to write to the bride and groom. Alternatively, you can include fun memories, funny pictures, or advice. A guestbook is an excellent addition to the welcome table at the wedding reception, and can even serve as a coffee table book in the newlyweds’ home afterward.

Wedding sparklers are fun photo props for the bride and groom, and guests will enjoy the dazzling glittering objects. If you want something a little more unique, hire a face painter for the guest’s entertainment. This way, the guests will be amazed by the unique looks you have created for them. The twister can be played in the main hall or the lawn. You can also hire dancers to perform acts at the wedding.

A wedding centrepiece made from sheet music is a great way to add your personal touch to your drink selections. Alternatively, you can order etched champagne bottles for guests to take home as gifts. Whatever your style, you’ll need to find a way to make your guests comfortable. You can look for items at H&M Home and eBay to create a unique seating area. You may even want to hire a chalk artist to create a mural of lions, like this couple did.