Men’s fear of IVF


Some men are simply afraid of the difficulties they will have to face one way or another during the family planning phase of assisted reproductive technology. Very often men want to have children, but only when they are conceived naturally: it is so simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

The IVF procedure, on the other hand, requires an enormous amount of effort, time, numerous consultations with doctors, tests and ultrasounds. It really is quite a lengthy process, from obscure hormonal stimulation to the selection of embryos for conception. If your husband is afraid of these very difficulties, problems may arise at the family planning stage.

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To solve this problem, there are two ways: First of all, you can take most of these difficulties on yourself. This option is only suitable if you are really prepared to go through the first stages of IVF on your own, taking full responsibility for them. It is very difficult, especially for a woman when she needs moral support, but then perhaps your husband will stop perceiving IVF as a disaster. For example, you can at least take care of finding a good fertility clinic, a professional doctor and gathering all the necessary papers.

If you can’t find the strength to go through it all on your own, it’s very helpful to have a clear plan. It will be much easier for any man to know what is going on if you have a clearly structured plan for each day. If everything is predictable, planned, the in-vitro fertilisation process will no longer seem like such a disaster to any man. A clear treatment plan makes you feel like you are in control, because the moment you are diagnosed with infertility, it begins to feel like you are not in control of your own body or your own destiny. If you are determined to fight back, make a clear plan: this will make it easier for both your husband and you.


According to statistics from fertility clinics, children conceived through assisted reproductive technology are as healthy as those conceived naturally. Moreover: If you have a serious health problem, numerous tests and screenings are carried out to make sure that your child is born healthy. Unfortunately, no one can give you a hundred percent guarantee, but numerous tests, including genetic testing of embryos, allow you to know with certainty that a child conceived through IVF will be as healthy as one conceived naturally.

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