Ladies’ Doctor Near Me

Do you often suffer from pain and discomfort during your period? Do you feel the need to talk to someone about it? Yes, of course! You need to speak out about your gynaecological problems with any lady doctor near you

A lady doctor is a trained professional who specialises in treating problems related to the female reproductive organs. When you visit a lady doctor, she passionately listens to you with complete discretion and treats your gynaecological problems with her analysis. You can also talk to her about your sexual health as well. 

So, think not and visit your lady doctor today if you have queries about your sexual health.

Common reasons to visit a ladies’ doctor:

You must always feel free to visit your ladies’ doctor in the following cases.

  • Menstrual irregularities

Menstrual health is of utmost importance in a woman’s life. It is essential to maintain good and regular menstruation every month for remaining healthy and happy. 

In case of any menstrual irregularity, like long and heavy periods or abrupt and delayed periods, visit your ladies’ doctor without any delay. For menstrual cramps and other discomforts in the lower abdomen, you can always take advice from your doctor to get relief from such pain.

  • Pregnancy

A ladies’ doctor is a must during the entire period of your pregnancy. You must ensure to visit her frequently for having a healthy life for you as well as your child. Feel free to talk to her in case of any complications during this crucial period of your life.

  • General well-being  

It is very essential to have a healthy vagina for women to maintain good health. So, you must always talk to your ladies’ doctor to take better care of your vagina. Feel free to talk to her about your vaginal health in general. You may also opt for additional visits to know about several types of cancers concerning women like breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.

Things you can always share with your ladies’ doctor:

Feel free to talk to your ladies’ doctor whenever you experience the following.

  • Vaginal odour:

Vaginal odour is something that bothers every woman. In such cases, it is essential to talk to your doctor. If you are having a fishy smell in your vagina for days, visit your ladies’ doctor without any delay.

  • Unusual swelling in the vagina:

Do not be scared if you notice a bump in your vagina. In most cases, it is just a pimple or genital wart or arises from a cut during shaving. Such bumps are generally harmless. However, talk to your ladies’ doctor if it turns out to be lesions like herpes within a few days.

  • Vaginal dryness:

Sexual discomfort like vaginal dryness can be a serious problem. Women experience this type of dryness irrespective of their age. This often happens due to the lack of estrogen. Talk to your lady doctor and she might prescribe you some vaginal estrogen.

  • Pain during sex:

If you are having vaginal pain during sex, you can try some lubricant. However, it is important to talk to your doctor if your pain continues no matter what. 

If your vagina or other private parts has a weird smell and causes you discomfort, make an appointment with your lady doctor at once. Most cases of vaginal discomfort are caused by infections or hormonal changes that need treatment.

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