Hiring the services of the Motorcycle Accident Attorney Denver, Colorado is a recommended precautionary measure for every resident motorcyclist and motorcycle owner. This is so because motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in serious injuries and death than any other form of motor accident – in which case property damages are more common. A number of benefits come with employing the services of these legal practitioners. Let’s explore some of these benefits to the individual – whether a motorcyclist or not.

In the event of involvement in an accident that results in injuries owing to the negligence of a third party, it is important to immediately consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Denver even before contacting the insurance company. The time factor is critical because you may be stopped from filing a negligence lawsuit for injuries and damages sustained from a motorcycle accident after a specified time period. According to the Colorado revised statutes 13-80-101, the Statute Of Limitations (SOL) for most motor vehicle accidents involving personal injury is 3 years. A statute of limitation prevents an individual from filing a lawsuit for damage against a negligent party after a stipulated time period elapsed. Negligence, in this context, means that the responsible party was obligated to act in a certain way which, by the error of commission or omission, it failed to do. Your attorney will investigate the cause of the accident to determine whether it was due to the other party’s negligence. Motorists’ and motorcyclists’ negligence may result from, but are not limited to speeding, driving distracted, driving under the influence, failure to yield right of way, turning into the path of oncoming traffic, etc. 

Quite often, the negligent party’s insurance company may attempt to dispute your claims, or not pay the full amount for damages. Contacting an experienced lawyer stands you in a vantage position to access all of your legitimate claims in such cases. Furthermore, insurance companies are adept at taking the long route to process your claims after a motorcycle accident. Some may eventually deny these claims or medical bills. You can avoid many of these messy situations with the help of your Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Denver. The legal expertise of these professionals helps individuals involved in motorcycle accidents get full and fair compensation for losses and injuries incurred. They are your guarantee any day.