Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs for a Bride That is a Must for Her to Wear on Her Wedding Day

Every culture in India has its fixed attires and the latest gold jewellery designs that are essential for every bride to wear on her special day. The same goes for every Maharashtrian bride as well. You can easily identify a Maharashtrian bride by her unique attire and traditional gold jewellery. It is the dream of every bride to look like a queen non her special day and the parents put all their efforts to fulfil her desires.  

For every Maharashtrian bride, certain jewellery designs are essential for them to wear on their wedding day. Many of them believe that a bride looks incomplete without those traditional gold jewellery sets. Check out the list of essential Maharashtrian jewelry sets for a bride. 

  • Pichodi Bangles: You will find a green chooda in the hand of every Maharashtrian bride. It is the set of green bangles that are worn in odd numbers by the bride in both hands. The bangles are made of glass and these are the symbol of fertility in Maharashtrian culture. These green bangles are mostly worn along with the gold kadas called Pichoda Bangles. The bangles are adorned with beautiful floral and animal designs and are worn between the green bangles to complement the color. Among various designs, the most famous one these days is the white gold Pichoda bangles that are loved by modern brides. 
  • Champakali Haar: It is a very heavy-looking choker-styled gold necklace set worn by the bride on her wedding day. The complete design of the champakali haar is made of a floral theme along with flower petal-shaped beads. To make it look more beautiful it is decorated with different motifs and colorful stones. To give the floral look to the design, emeralds, rubies, and pearls are the most preferred ones.
  • Maniwati Gold Mangalsutra: Gold mangalsutra is the base of every Indian marriage. A maniwati gold mangalsutra is made of black and gold beads stringed in a gold chain. The beads are very small and the pendant of the Mangalsutra is very unique. It consists of two bowl-shaped drums that are hollow from the inner side and designed from the outer side. Mostly, the mangalsutra is given from the groom’s family to the bride and it is considered the most auspicious ornament among others. It is the symbol of love and togetherness and protects both husband and wife from negative energies and evil eyes. 
  • Moti Kaan: These are the uniquely designed huge earrings that cover the complete ear of the bride. It is an essential ornament worn by every bride and completes her look of the day. Moti kaan enhances the look of every Maharashtrian bride and makes them look stunningly beautiful. There are available in various designs on the market.
  • Bormaal: It is a long-beaded chain made of gold and beads. It is another essential piece of jewellery that is important for every bride to wear on her wedding day. The length of the bormaal is too long that it touches the waist.