7 Things You Should Know When Hiring A Florist In Auckland

When it comes to flowers, there is no better place than Auckland. But, with so many city florists, you may wonder how to choose one. The good news is that you can do a few things to make sure you choose the right florist in Auckland. This guide will help you identify what makes a flower shop in Auckland stand out from the rest.

Extraordinary Service:

Your florist should be friendly and helpful. They should be able to answer any questions, provide a quote for your budget and offer advice on the best flowers to use. If florists cannot meet these basic requirements, they are not worth hiring.

Best Quality Of Flowers:

You must choose a flower store that offers the best quality of flowers. The flowers should be fresh and in good condition, with no decay or damage.

The colour should be vibrant and true to type, meaning that any roses you are given will be red, not pink. If your flower dealer cannot guarantee this level of quality, then they are not worth hiring.

Hard-To-Find Flowers:

If you have a specific flower in mind, let your florist know. Some flowers are difficult to obtain and may cost more than those readily available. For example, if you want daffodils for your wedding bouquet, it’s much easier to find them in the springtime than in the winter.

The same goes for other hard-to-find flowers like orchids and roses—they’re typically only available at certain times of year (or seasons), so make sure you ask about availability before making any decisions!

Same-Day Delivery Service:

When you need to order flowers for same-day delivery, it’s important to check and see if your flower shop offers same-day delivery. Unfortunately, this service is not always available, so it’s best to ask the florist directly before placing an order. If you are unsure about whether or not the florist will be able to deliver on time, ask them if they can confirm this with you.

Money Back Guarantee:

As a florist, you want to ensure that your customers are happy with your work. For you to do this, you need to have a money-back guarantee. A money-back guarantee means that they can get their money back if the customer is unsatisfied with their flowers or arrangement. When hiring a flower dealer in Auckland, ask about what type of guarantee they provide and how long it lasts.

Ask to see their flower arrangements:

When you visit a flower shop, ask to see their flower arrangements. It will give you an idea of the level of creativity and design skills they have. It’s also important that their work is consistent with the style you like and what they offer – many flower dealers can do more than one style, but it’s important to ensure that your florist has good experience in the type of arrangement you’re looking for.

One way to check this is by asking about their portfolio of work; if they don’t have one available, then ask them if there’s any way for them to provide examples and photos so that you can get an idea from those.

Ask about their style:

When hiring a professional flower dealer, you must ask about their style. The best way to get an idea of their floral arrangements is to look at their portfolio. You can also ask them if they have any pictures of previous weddings and funerals that they have done so that you can get an idea of how they work in real-life situations.

If there are certain styles or types of flowers that you like, then it is also helpful for you to mention this when making your inquiries about the florist’s work. It will help them understand what flower arrangements appeal to you and may give them some ideas on how best to create something similar for your special event or occasion.


As you can see, there are many things you need to consider when hiring a florist in Auckland. If you want to ensure that your flowers are perfect and that your budget is well managed, then it’s important to select a flower shop in Auckland carefully. If possible, try to find someone who can meet with you in person so that they can discuss your needs and expectations more easily.