Why a right floor plan is important in construction

The process of renovating or building a property is not an easy task. There are several requirements and steps to be completed. Therefore, it is usually a big burden for the owner. A certain bureaucracy makes this whole process even more difficult. Knowing these and other difficulties, we have prepared content that can make your constructive journey a little easier. The first step when renovating or building is to pay attention to the preparation of the floor plan. If you were aware of the certain issues derived from floor plan mistakes, you would never avoid its importance. For this, we will explain what a floor plan is.

Main problems of not having a good floor plan project

What could be the problems with neglecting the importance of the floor plan? Here we list the main problems encountered by homeowners in their properties.

  • Power surges and over current due to phase imbalance
  • Pipeline injuries
  • Electric circuit heating
  • Blockage, backflow and bad smell in the pipes
  • Presence of animals in the environment
  • Lack of harmony between the project rooms
  • High cost to build or rebuild the property
  • Waste of raw material
  • Great physical and psychological exhaustion
  • Possible structural problems and others

Planning is important

A project needs an analysis based on the needs of the individuals. From the moment it is done without planning, there may be disturbances. Plan your construction and interior design with Foyr Neo 3D software.

Care with structural calculations

Another common mistake is in the calculation of the structure. This is one of the main determining factors for the quality of a project. The structural error in the work can cause pre-mature cracks that destabilize it, causing possible ruptures of pavements. It is worth emphasizing the importance of an excellent foundation design.

A good project of hydro sanitary installation

Problems with bad smell or clogging in toilets and sinks are also caused by a bad project. Perforations may also appear in pipes because there is no well-defined mapping. These setbacks can be solved through a good hydro sanitary installation project.

Good lighting and ventilation

Another problem that can also be analyzed is the bad distribution of windows. This situation allows for additional use of electricity, thus increasing monthly electricity costs. Poor distribution could contribute to the environmental problem of global warming.

Arrangement of environments

There is still a poor distribution of rooms in a house. Can you imagine having to wake up at night and walk the entire house to get to a bathroom? Well, planning rooms on the ground floor can avoid all this lack of harmony in the environment.





Communication can easily solve most of the problems of a work, or end up making it unfeasible. It is essential to have communication between all those involved in the construction. It is necessary for the property owner to be clear in his dialogue, thus making his needs and desires evident. The person responsible for the work and his collaborators must demonstrate that they understand the expectations and needs of the client.