When Would You Require The Services Of An Orthopedic Doctor? 

People often associate orthopedic surgeons with ligaments and fractures. Rest assured it is not only about ligaments and fractures. Orthopedic surgeons at KDMS Hospital would do more than that. They have been experts when it comes to the musculoskeletal system of the body, which comprises all your bones and muscles. In case, you suffer from an injury involving muscles and bones, you should look for assistance from an orthopedic doctor at KDMS Hospital. 

The specialist orthopedic surgeons would not attend to common illnesses inclusive of fever or the common cold, even though they have been trained to handle it. If you suffer from a musculoskeletal injury, you might not have the chance to see an orthopedic doctor based on suffered injury. 

A general practitioner would be adequately equipped and trained to handle ankle sprains. For people suffering from arthritis, broken arm, or suspected torn ligament, you would require the services of an orthopedic. 

Find below a few instances when you should hire the services of an orthopedic doctor. 

Sports Injury 

For an active sportsman participating in high-impact contact sports, you would be required to hire the services of an orthopedic doctor. High impact contact sports would increase the chance of one suffering from muscle pulls and strains, dislocated arm, torn meniscus, torn ligament, elbow, and knee injuries. 

Bone Tumor 

Orthopedic specialists at KDMS Hospital deal with bone tumors rather than tumors growing elsewhere. Rest assured that bone tumors have to be removed surgically. With orthopedic surgeons having adequate training and experience in the arena, they would be your best bet for handling the problem. The primary motive would be to remove the bone tumor without affecting the mobility due to the surgery. 


Patients suffering from arthritis have been increasing gradually. Professional orthopedic doctors would be required to attend to arthritis cases. Lack of treatment or incorrect treatment would result in inflammation and pain in the joints. It could also cause immobility issues. Simple routine activities inclusive of walking, brushing of teeth, and washing of face could also become an issue. 

Orthopedic doctors at KDMS Hospital are specialists to handle such patients. They are the best in the region to take care of musculoskeletal injuries. A sprained ankle could be treated by a general practitioner. However, if it develops serious complications, it would be recommended to seek an orthopedic doctor immediately. Regardless of how small or big your injury might appear, do not consider self-medicating and self-treating, as musculoskeletal injuries would be more serious than they appear.