Unique cocktails to Make with Beverage Syrup

In the exciting world of making drinks, GOOD&MOORE Beverage Syrups are like magic potions that can turn ordinary cocktails into extraordinary ones. There are numerous possibilities with the unique flavours from the house of GOOD&MOORE. If you don’t know much about them, you will learn about the various cocktail recipes to try with these unique beverage syrups. 

#1 – A Classy Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The regular Cosmopolitan is cool, but let’s make it even better! Mix GOOD&MOORE Cosmopolitan Syrup with fancy Vodka and lime juice. The special thing is the Cosmopolitan Syrup – it has cranberry and apple flavours to give you a fruity burst in your mouth.

You can improve the cocktail by adding new alcohol like Single Malt Whisky or even some gin to make it taste better.

#2 – Sweet Peach Ice Tea Cocktail

When it’s hot outside, nothing beats an iced tea. GOOD&MOORE Peach Ice Tea Syrup makes it extra special. Brew strong black tea and add a good amount of Peach Ice Tea Syrup. Mix it well, and then top it off with the strong Vodka and sip it while sitting on your couch. 

Also, you can change the number of Black team members and replace the strong Vodka with some Lager Beer. This will give you the DIY version of Long Island Ice Tea, but much better than the original one. 

#3 – Spicy Jamun Surprise Cocktail

When it comes to exciting flavours, how can we miss the Spicy Jamun Syrups? Mix GOOD&MOORE Spicy Jamun Syrup with gin, crushed basil leaves, and lime juice. Add it to shot glasses and take some alcoholic shots.

If you like it thinner, then add more syrup and less Carbonated Water to make it thinner. This way, you can sip it for a long time on a sunny afternoon. 

Final Words 

Using GOOD&MOORE Beverage Syrups is not just about making drinks; it’s about having fun. You can have creative freedom while making these unique cocktails as per your needs. Be creative, try out some different experiences, and you might end up with the cocktail of your lifetime. If you have some suggestions or want to share your experiences with these syrups, feel free to use the comments section below.