There are several questions about if one can leave their plants in the nursery containers they came with and let them just grow like that or if there are times when one is supposed to transfer them into another set of nursery containers and this process is referred to as repotting. The concept of repotting is as simple as transferring a particular plant from one size of container usually smaller to another size of container usually bigger. However, the idea of this article is centered around knowing when exactly to repot our plants into other nursery containers. The idea of repotting our plants depends on a few things that I will be pointing out in this article and I know that by the time I am done you will be ascertained of when to repot your plants or you are supposed to keep them in the nursery containers they came with.

When you just get plants from the nursery in nursery containers, the length of time the plants will stay in the nursery containers depends mainly on these factors. The container, the potting mix, and the plant species are the three major determinants of how long the plants will stay in the nursery containers. The size of the container will help tell if it is big enough to hold the plant till maturity or if the only time when the plant can find free expression is when the plant is still developing which necessarily does not give much pressure to the size of the plant unlike when it starts growing. Potting mix is another thing to pay attention to when you are considering repotting or having to leave your plant in the pots or nursery containers they came with, it is advisable to monitor the growth of your plant in the potting mix they came and see if it is something that requires you to change it. 

Lastly, this factor which for me is the most critical is the specie of the plant, different species of plants will grow at different paces so you must know the specie of your plants and be sure the pot they came with will be able to sustain their growth. On a final note, they say different strokes for different folks depending on the level you are at your plant-growing adventure. Here are the reasons for that, it gives the plant enough time to get accustomed to the new environment, and on the other end repotting plants helps them to grow quickly and with more vibrancy. And that is on the note of choosing the right nursery containers, potting mix, right species of plants, and deploying the right approach.