How To Verify The Authenticity Of Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy

The internet is a boon for many, but sometimes it can also be a source of discomfort. With so many options available for a bike insurance policy, it is understandable if you find yourself in an ‘analysis paralysis’. Not every insurance provider is genuine, and it’s not always easy to distinguish the real ones from the fake.

So, let’s look at ways you can compare two-wheeler insurance providers, check the validity of bike insurance companies, and safeguard your interests.

  1. Call the support centre and visit their office

There are some trusted brands that you can go with, even with your eyes closed. Tata AIG is one of those insurance providers that have a well-known market reputation. However, if you’re opting for someone else, we highly recommend that you call their support staff and visit a nearby office premise to check the validity of bike insurance that they provide.

  1. Ask for identification

Sometimes, you might come across fake insurance salespeople who might use a brand name to get your attention but are actually con artists. Always ask for identification, and then call the nearby office to double check if the particular person works with them. You can ask the insurance agent for their licence number and run it past the office. There are many scam artists in the market, so be very careful who you give your data to.

  1. Policy receipts

Make sure every transaction is documented and you have receipts for everything. Many people download a single premium paid certificate for tax reasons, but having receipts for every payment made online is more beneficial. If you are buying insurance for a 2-wheeler from an agent, ask for documents with the company seal and letterhead.


  1. Read the fine print

Not all of us speak legalese. And it is understandably boring to read all the fine print, but this is where many of us fall prey to marketing tricks. Especially with insurance, it is always necessary to understand every clause and bylaw so that you can be forewarned. Do not go just by what you see in advertisements and hoardings. Always do your own research and check the validity of bike insurance online.

This is also a good way of catching fraud policies. There will be discrepancies in tenure, premium amount, or other small details which should alert you to fraudulent behaviour.

  1. Check for the QR code

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has mandated that every insurance provider should add a QR code on every single page of documentation provided to customers. Make sure your bike insurance policy documents have this QR code. This is a good way to check for the validity of the bike insurance.

  1. Verification Link

A reputed insurer will have verification links on their website. It should also be imprinted on their paperwork. If the insurer gives you a policy without this link, then that’s a big red flag that you should never ignore. Moreover, when you look at the website, ensure it is on a secure server as all bank and financial websites need encryption and use the ‘https’ protocol. You will also see the lock icon on your url bar, signalling that your browser (Google) believes it to be a secure site. Do not enter any payment details or sensitive data on an insecure web link if you have doubts about the two-wheeler insurance validity.

  1. Ask if others have heard or would recommend the insurer

If none of your friends or family has heard of an insurance company, chances are they are not well-known or could even be fraudulent. Always look for brand names that are reliable and trustworthy. While you might need to pay slightly more in insurance premiums with these brands, you will know that you are always in good hands.