How to unlock special weapons and power-ups in fish shooting games?

Fish shooting games, using different weapons and power-ups are key to maximizing your score. While you start with a basic cannon or gun, there are often opportunities to unlock upgraded weapons and boosts. Employing these special options at times gives you an edge over both the aquatic creatures and competitive players. Most fish shooting games have certain high-value or rare fish that are harder to hit. Successfully striking these fish unlocks rewards. For example, drilling a quick swordfish might unveil a spear gun with an improved aim. Hitting a tiny seahorse could grant a damage boost power-up. Studying in-game guides can reveal which fish drop the best goodies.

Complete in-game challenges

The game is set to present a range of challenges and missions that you engage in to acquire fresh equipment. Maybe rescuing a sunken treasure chest will earn you a blunderbuss cannon. Fulfilling objectives shows your skill and unlocks sweet new weapons and power-ups for future stages. When you first play, the game provides free samples of upgraded weapons or abilities. The trick is using these at critical moments. Waste them early and you may miss out on bigger points later. Be strategic in when you redeem freebies to maximize their impact and it may result in permanent unlocks.

Watch for special events

The game will announce special limited-time events that give you chances at exclusive weapons for a brief window. It might be an intense boss battle where defeating the giant crab king grants the pincer grapple gun. These events renew excitement and let diligent players expand their arsenals. In most games, you accumulate pearls and gems from daily logins, completions, and level-ups. After saving up, you exchange these for weapons and power-up chests in the in-game shop. The chests contain random upgrades. So, banking pearls give regular opportunities to unlock new gear.

Upgrade your base

Your home base or boat usually has an upgrade pathway. As you improve the headquarters with pearls and treasures, it unlocks new features. These provide permanent access to more advanced weapons and abilities to boost future runs. Many ยิงปลาได้เงินจริง games offer incentives for voluntarily watching promotional videos and ads. In exchange, you gain entry to mini-games with chances of securing the latest weapons or directly winning special ammunition. Opting into videos gives you more upgrade opportunities.

Level up for new toys

As you gain experience and level up your profile by playing over time, you’ll hit certain milestones that award weapons and power-ups. Getting to certain tiers demonstrates skill and grants access to better tools for competing at that stage. Competitive tournaments or leagues often provide weapons and power-up prizes to top performers. Even lower-tier finishes may pay out upgrades. Tourney events offer chances to unlock a broader range of options by showcasing your abilities. But, ultimately maintaining skill progression is vital for making the most of upgrades. Leverage better guns and abilities as you improve to reach new high scores. With an array of upgrades available, the possibilities stay exciting.