HCG diet drops success tips- Making your weight loss journey easier

The HCG diet an increasingly popular way to lose weight quickly in recent years. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced naturally by the body during pregnancy. The HCG diet involves taking HCG drops or injections while following a very low-calorie diet to stimulate rapid weight loss.  HCG found to help suppress appetite while also encouraging the body to tap into abnormal fat stores and burn them for energy. It means you consume just 500-800 calories per day without feeling excess hunger or energy crashes. The low-calorie diet is only temporary during the intensive 3-6 week HCG phase of the diet.

HCG drops are the most common and convenient way to supplement with original hcg diet drops in Atlanta on the diet protocol. The drops are diluted HCG is applied under the tongue to be absorbed by the blood vessels. HCG injections be used but require regular shots administered by a medical professional. When following the HCG diet plan, dieters must commit to eliminating sugar, starch, and high-fat foods. Lean proteins like chicken breast, white fish, and shrimp along with low-carb veggies and limited fruit are recommended. Checking ingredient labels and understanding HCG-approved foods versus foods to avoid is key to success. Combining the ultra-low calorie diet with HCG leads to rapid results, with many people losing 1-2 lbs per day on average! However, for long-term success, it’s critical to view HCG as a jumpstart rather than relying on it indefinitely.

Setting yourself up for success on the HCG diet

The HCG diet requires commitment and preparation for optimal results. Here are some top tips to get set up for success before starting the HCG diet protocol:

  1. Consult your physician – It’s important to get medical clearance before attempting such a very low-calorie diet. It is especially critical if you have any underlying health conditions or take prescription medications.
  2. Stock up on approved foods – Remove all high-carb, high-sugar, and fatty foods from your kitchen. Shop for and prep approved proteins, veggies, and fruits so you have HCG-friendly options on hand. Meal planning is essential.
  3. Purchase high-quality HCG – Pharmaceutical-grade HCG from a reputable supplier is a must for safety and diet success. Carefully research brands and read lots of reviews before purchasing HCG drops or injections.
  4. Prepare for detox symptoms – Some side effects like headaches, fatigue, and mood swings are common when first reducing calories drastically. Staying well hydrated, getting enough rest, and using natural remedies minimize symptoms.
  5. Start taking HCG as directed – It’s important to begin taking HCG drops or injections on the first day of very low-calorie dieting per protocol instructions. Follow the directions carefully when administering HCG.
  6. Learn proper portioning – Carefully weigh and measure all foods while on the HCG diet using a gram scale. Even eyeballing portions easily lead to overeating and stall weight loss.
  7. Find accountability – Having someone to check in with who is also on or knowledgeable about the diet helps you stay on track when motivation lags. Online HCG diet support groups are very helpful.

– Stay positive – Keep focusing on your end goals and the exciting progress you’ll make by sticking to the HCG diet protocol. A positive mindset is key when overcoming challenges during the program.