Be Aware of What Plasmolifting Is

Plasmolifting is a successful injectable procedure for excellent skin tightening and rejuvenation. Plasmolifting is additionally utilised to address other skin flaws, including post-acne and acne.

Plasmolifting Technologies is one of the suppliers of PRP-tubes Germany used for PRP treatment.

How plasma lifting procedure works?

  • Preparation for the procedure

The consumption of alcohol and hot and fatty foods must be avoided for two days. A few hours before the surgery, drink some water. A patient’s vein is used to draw around 10 ml of blood, and the sample is then placed in a test tube and spun in a specialised centrifuge.

A plasma concentrate that includes protein, hormones, vitamins, and platelets is the end result. Anesthetic gel is applied to the oral mucosa just prior to the treatment, and the prepared plasma is then injected into the transitional fold, the papilla, and the marginal gum in the vicinity of each tooth.

Following the surgery, it is advised to avoid bathing, SPA treatments, and sunbathing for two days. Additionally, two days of alcohol intake should be disregarded.

  • The result of plasmolifting

Patients report that pain, bleeding, and gum swelling have disappeared after a course of plasmolifting. They also report that tooth mobility has decreased, the hole left by a tooth extraction heals more quickly, implant survival has increased, bad breath has vanished, and bone tissue loss has stopped.

Additionally, local immunity has improved. The initial alterations will become apparent between the seventh and tenth day, and the ultimate outcome can be assessed after a month. 

Plasmolifting is a completely safe procedure because it employs the patient’s own blood plasma. Additionally, because of the prolonging effect, the results are preserved for a very long time, much to the patients’ delight.

How does it work?

Injected purified plasma from the client’s own blood is applied to specific locations to aid in regenerating collagen and elastin. Plasma speeds up cell metabolism and initiates the process of creating new cells, regenerating the skin both internally and externally.

Because the body obtains its own “reserves” during the treatment, plasma therapy is now regarded as one of the most natural methods of treating and rejuvenating the skin. 

How is the procedure going?

The quantity of plasma required for therapy and the number of sessions required during the course is decided after an individual consultation and evaluation by a cosmetologist.

Blood is drawn from a vein by a specialist with medical training and practical experience. Plasma is isolated from the blood by centrifuging it in a specially approved test container.

The locations chosen for the treatment are given local anaesthetic in the interim, which makes it relatively comfortable. The specialist injects the plasma into the required areas after obtaining it. After plasmolifting, the recovery period lasts for two to three days.

Does plasmolifting hurt?

Skin sensitivity to injections is considerably decreased by local anaesthetic. According to our clients, the level of pain experienced during plasmolifting ranges from 3 to 5 out of 10.

Is plasma lifting for hair a successful procedure?

Yes, plasma is an efficient approach to prevent hair loss, increase their quality, etc., just as it is in the case of exposure to the face, neck, and decollate.