The following categories of organisations stand to benefit the most from SEO and link building—and stand to lose the most if they ignore it.

1. Small and startup companies

Small business SEO and startup SEO both exist. Depending on who the audience is, those can be two very different things. But SEO may be advantageous for both. Both often have modest levels of brand recognition, revenue, and market share (unless the firm has venture capital backing and is going after a huge potential market). Know more on how to get found on google

Why is SEO particularly useful for new companies and small businesses?

For the first expenditure, it doesn’t require much; in fact, it’s one of the most economical marketing techniques accessible, especially for local SEO. This lessens the strain on your budget while also allowing you to scale, which is crucial for developing firms.

By focusing on narrower areas within their similar demography, small enterprises can gain the upper hand over larger rivals.

2. SaaS and online service providers

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses have been more well-known in recent years thanks to their profitable and scalable business models and unique ties to the digital sphere. Here, SEO is crucial because traditional advertising won’t help you much in the beginning. You need customers to visit your website and test out your products, which calls for a significant inbound web traffic flow.

3. Alternative Brands

Brands with a lot of competition are also ideal candidates for SEO. These businesses are surrounded by fierce rivals that either work in the same industry or make items that are quite comparable. There are two extreme possibilities for these rival businesses: either all of the businesses involved in the rivalry are already engaged in SEO, or none of them are. In any case, implementing SEO is beneficial.

4. Niche Businesses

The term “niche” used here is a little ambiguous, but I mean any business, large or small, national or local, that performs a highly specialised function or otherwise caters to a very narrow target group. As a result of organically eliminating the competition, these businesses enjoy a significant edge in the SEO industry. However, the relevancy of your audience will be considerably higher since you operate with a lot smaller total possible audience and lower inbound traffic volumes.

5. Locally Focused Businesses

A different algorithm governs local SEO than it does for global SEO. If you conduct a local search, you’ll notice this because three entries will appear above the “usual” organic search results.

6. Maintenance Service Experts

There are several subtypes of “maintenance” specialists; I have kept this category open-ended and ambiguous. For instance, a vehicle mechanic would be equally as qualified as a roofer or a plumber. The notion is that these experts assist you when a physical aspect of your life needs to be updated or repaired.


Again, not only these firms may profit from an effective SEO effort, but they stand to earn more than other kinds of enterprises.