4 Major Devices of Traffic Control Services for Your General Awareness

Drivers, pedestrians and other road users take a lot of support and guidance regarding the ways through traffic control devices or indicators. Capital Traffic control services is one of the services which uses all of these devices to help save a pedestrian and road user’s life.

Let’s go through the following four devices used by the traffic control services:

  1. Traffic Signals

Properties use traffic signals along with signage to guide traffic and maintain a certain system. These signals are very time bound. As we all know, there are three colored lights – red, green and yellow – each signifying a certain action to be taken by the drivers, pedestrians and other road users. You will find such devices used on major highways and roadways.

At times, traffic controllers may use flashlights for certain purposes. Use of lights depends on the type of area and hue. If the lights are burning, take them as critical warning signs.

  1. Bollards and Barricades

These are the types of devices that can be further categorized as per its use. One such type is removable posts. These posts are put temporarily to divert high volume of traffic or pedestrians. Collapsible posts are the ones that can be raised or lowered depending on the clearance of traffic required. These posts are put up in parks and other corporate properties to allow to and fro of only a certain number of vehicles or emergency vans.

Fixing posts are put as a permanent barrier to avoid vehicle collision. Traffic services put these in areas that call for continuous security.

  1. Road Signs

We all collect a lot of information in new places as per the road signs installed in those areas. You can see a lot of one-way and no-entry song boards in traffic zones. Sings that indicate pedestrian crossing, stop and limit for speed are called regulatory signs. Warning signs help controlling the traffic on winding roads, work-in-progress area and animal crossing zones.

There are other signs too such as the private property sign, tourist attraction, rest zones, gas stations, etc.

  1. Road Markings

Capital Traffic control services also use other device such as reflectors, pavement markings, curb markings and object markings. These devices are importantly used to manage traffic between buildings and other complexes. Rumble strips are used to mark lanes under construction process. Arrows are used in parking lots to indicate where exactly can you park your vehicle.