If you do not have the time to fill in loads of paperwork with a personal loan from a bank, a pawn loan is ideal for getting cash. You can get your money right away and redeem your valuable item when you repay it. You will then need to refund the money loaned in 30-days. 

Your loan granted is based on a percentage of the item values pledge. The pawnbrokers Brisbane shop holds your gold jewellery until you pay it in full with interest. When you settle your loan, you get your possessions back. 

Yet, you also have the opportunity to sell gold jewellery as opposed to loaning against it. When you lend against it, you have the attention on returning to get it back. But sometimes, things do not work out the way you plan. Maybe you cannot afford to refund the money, or you forget. What happens then. 

You Can Extend Your Loan 

If you cannot pay the pawn ticket within the period, you can have it extended by renewing your loan. But this comes with a fee and will need to repay accumulated interest. Furthermore, as you keep renewing your pawn ticket, you need to keep making payments if you intend to come back for your goods. Therefore, we recommend trying and paying as much as possible against the loan to minimize your expenses.

What Happens With a Late Payment 

If you pass the 30-days payback period, you hand your item to the pawnbroker to be placed on the shelf to resell. While it does not affect your credit score, it affects your relationship with your pawnbroker. When you need cash again or see a great deal, you will be denied as you failed to pay. The best is to talk to your dealer before the time if you cannot make payments. 

Can You Get Your Jewellery Back After It Is Relinquished 

So, is it possible to get your valuable back after relinquishing it at pawnbrokers Brisbane? The only way you can get it back is to purchase it. The reality of a pawn shop is that it is a business who needs to pay bills. 

Hence, if you default on payments, it is good business practice for the owner to place your valuable on the shelf, hoping to sell it to make up for the loss. Unfortunately, a pawnbroker will not intentionally take your time to sell it. So, it is in your best interest to maintain a healthy relationship by repaying the loan on time. 

Or you always have the option of selling gold jewellery to the pawnshop instead of repaying loans. 

You Have Many Options Available at a Pawnshop 

Pawnshop owners know that when they sell your pawned items, they will only make money once. But when you collect your goods, they can create repeat business in the future with your same items. So, now you know what you can expect when defaulting on a pawn ticket. First, discuss your concerns with the pawnshop to come to a mutual agreement. Or sell your precious gold items to them instead of at a higher price to give you peace of mind.