What are the Different Types of PR Firms that Provide Specialized Services?

Every organization requires Public Relations services to fight the competition and touch new heights of success. As every industry deals with different products and services, a PR firm provides the services depending on the industry and therefore there are specialized PR agencies that provide the services according to the services their client provides to the public.

Let us know more about the different types of PR firms and the specialized services provided by them.

  • General Strategic Communication

When we talk about general Public Relation firm, they are capable of handling all types of PR strategies and using various tactics for reputation management and spreading awareness about the brand. To do so, the PR firm uses different techniques including social media, internal communication, media relations, etc.

  • Crisis Management

A crisis is a situation that can happen at any point in time in the organization and damage its reputation if not handled appropriately. A PR agency helps in handling the situation by preparing appropriate crisis communication and management plan for the organization. Such PR agencies are hired temporarily only when a crisis happens. They remain with the client till they make a crisis plan and handle the situation properly. Their contract finishes when everything in the organization starts running normally again.

  • Public Affairs PR

A public affair PR firm directly deals with government officials and act as their communication tool whenever required. They prepare strategies for the organization if they are interested in endorsing a political candidate. Similarly, if a government official shows interest in becoming the spokesperson for your company, a public affairs PR firm prepares strategies for maintaining relationships between them.

  • Press Communication

The major focus of a PR firm that specializes in press communication is on media outreach, writing pitches, accomplishing media coverage, and contacting journalists and influencers for interviews. Maintaining a long-lasting relationship with the media professionals helps a lot in gaining success for the organization and if you completely want to focus on that, you must contact the specialized firm that works on press communication and already has a good relationship with them.

  • Internal Communication

Internal communication between employees is very important. The employees must be aware of what is happening in the organization so that at the time of crisis or any such situation, they stand for the organization and explain things on its behalf of it. People believe the words if they come from the mouth of the people working with the organization for a very long time. To make this happen, many organizations hire an internal communication PR firm that specializes in disseminating important information among employees using various methods like a monthly newsletter, internal hubs, etc.

  • Nonprofit PR

Nonprofit organizations work in various sectors including health, medicine, charity, etc. and their way of communicating information to the public is different from any other sector. Therefore, PR tactics used for such organization is different from others and nonprofit PR firms prefer to work with such organizations rather than focus on different tactics.