Using Facebook Broadcast To Build Your Business

Promoting a business is the best way to lead your brand to success, and what can be the best way of promoting your business than using social media? In this article, we will know how Broadcast Facebook and messenger broadcast (ข้อความ  รอด แค  ต์, which is the term in Thai) can help you.

Features Facebook Provides You To Promote Your Business

  • On Facebook, you can create your Facebook page where you can put all the essential details about your business.
  • You can invite friends and other people to your Page, and they can follow your Page.
  • You can post videos and images regularly on the Page and update your products on the Page.
  • You can do live videos on your Page and invite people before starting your live broadcast.
  • You can publish your event on the Page.
  • You can use Facebook ads to promote your Page or event. You can choose the audience traffic based on the amount you pay.
  • You can add different groups where you can join, understand the community and promote your Page.

Features Facebook Messenger Provides You To Promote Your Business

  • The message has the feature to manage both SMS and Facebook messages simultaneously, in the same place. It helps to stay at the top of a conversation.
  • Buyers can quickly contact the seller through the app.
  • It can send the notification to your Page’s followers whenever you start or come up with a live broadcast, even if you chat for more than 24 hours with a customer.
  • You can send at least one message daily to all your followers by clicking one option.
  • Then messenger broadcasts, you can send images and texts to your clients or followers who might show interest in buying your products by seeing the message.
  • Messenger Broadcast doesn’t cost anything. If you know how to use this platform properly, there are no issues.
  • You can personalize your message every day.


Promoting your business by using broadcast Facebook and Broadcast messenger benefits you. You can easily advertise your products there without hustling for advertising campaigns. Moreover, it even makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers and understand their requirements. So, it’s up to you whether you desire to utilize the benefits of Meta( Facebook) or struggle for attention whenever you come live or for your business.