Things To Do in Ireland in December

December getaway to Ireland with Sheenco Travel

Discover the magic of Ireland in December with Sheenco Travel’s tailored vacation packages. Experience festive markets, enchanting lights, and cultural traditions as you explore the Emerald Isle’s winter wonders. Whether you are seeking a cozy countryside retreat or vibrant city festivities, our expertly crafted itineraries ensure a memorable Irish holiday season adventure.

Embrace Ireland’s charm this December—a journey awaits that will warm your heart despite the chill in the air!  

Explore Dublin’s Festive Christmas Markets

Dublin’s Christmas Markets are a must-see, shining with festive charm. Stop by Dublin Castle on weekends from November 30th to December 22nd; you’ll find the courtyard alive with holiday spirit. Shop among artisans selling pottery and hand-knitted scarves, or treat yourself to Irish chocolates while enjoying choir songs under the grand tree. It all kicks off at one in the afternoon!

Sip hot mulled wine as you browse crafts perfect for gifting. For those longing for thrill-packed days, Leopardstown races await after Christmas Day—or witness history’s might at Limerick racecourse featuring star racers like Sir Des Champs.

These vibrant markets blend seamlessly into an unforgettable vacation package filled with wonder—crafting memories that last far beyond your stay. 

Embark on a Winter Castle Tour

Wrap up warmly, and let’s go on a winter castle tour you’ll never forget. See lanterns light up the night; from lions to monkeys, they shine bright—marvel at a giant elephant tower—16 meters of power and a dragon that stretches 30 long.

Get ready for fun where Santa’s reindeer run at Rathwood’s ride through trees, memories made with ease.  So join us now on these holiday rounds. They’re magic-bound!  

Experience Traditional Irish Holiday Cuisine

Join in on the festive cheer with traditional Irish holiday foods that warm you up from the inside out. Imagine sitting by a fire, tucking into hearty plates of steamed ham glazed with honey and cloves. In Ireland, December calls for such rich flavors!

Taste spiced beef, slow-cooked to perfection after weeks steeped in aromatic brine—a seasonal specialty hailing from Cork. Don’t miss sampling mince pies; these little treats burst filled with sweet fruit mixtures tied to old customs. Dive into dense Christmas pudding too, its recipe cherished through generations—it’s like biting straight into an age-old Irish Yuletide tradition itself!

And every bite tells a tale: the ripe raisins or sultanas speak of history while each sip of creamy eggnog whispers winter tales under ember-glow skies. These tastes are timeless treasures waiting just for you. So delight your senses as locals do when midwinter magic wraps around Emerald Isle kitchens.

Embark on an enchanting December getaway to Ireland with Sheenco Travel. Experience a land awash in holiday charm, from festive markets brimming with crafts to captivating carol concerts under starlit skies. Warm yourself with crackling fires in traditional pubs as Irish melodies serenade you into the night.

With every detail carefully planned, your magical Irish Christmas awaits – a vacation not just made of itineraries but crafted from memories that will linger long after the winter snow melts away.