The winter benefits of a metal roof

metal roof

With snow just around the corner, some homeowners are wondering if their roof is ready for the coming winter months. Each year we speak to Canadian homeowners who regret not having their roofs replaced. Sometimes you think you can wait another year, or it just never crosses your mind. In any case, a roof leak is not something you want to stress about. If you are investing in a new roof, you should consider installing a metal roofing solution. These are becoming more popular in Washington every year. In Seattle, the three most popular metal roofing materials are copper, steel, and aluminum. Of the three, sheet steel roofing seems to be the most popular with homeowners. Metal roofs are better suited to Canadian weather conditions and protect your home better than a tile roofs. Metal varnish boards cannot bend, crack or deform as a pebble strip as a pebble chair does with time. Whatever snow settles on your roof when it melts, the smooth steel surface creates the perfect water slide for easy water removal. This makes a roofless likely and gives you peace of mind knowing your home is well protected

Less Weight

Excessive accumulation of snow and ice can put a lot of stress on your roof. This in turn puts great pressure on the foundation and walls. Your house can only support so much weight before collapse is inevitable. With a metal roof solution, snow and ice fall off more easily than with a tile roof, resulting in less weight on top. Tiled roofs always tend to accumulate more snow, branches, leaves, etc.

Animal Harm Protection

Every year, professional roofers receive calls from homeowners concerned with animal problems. They may not seem like a huge threat, but critters Raccoons, squirrels, birds are the main culprits that can actually do a lot of damage to your home. They can lift clapboards, vent caps, flash and find their way into your attic. Once inside, they usually build a nest and invite their family and friends to join them. Usually, this happens when the colder months arrive and the animals are looking for a place to overwinter. Um, it’s more likely, if not inevitable, that you’ll have a leak soon after.

Metal roofing has been shown to be more resistant to animal damage than shingles. Shingles are easier to damage, especially when the roof is old and the shingles have started to lose their strength. However, you cannot lift damage or move the metal material. If your neighborhood is full of bugs or trees that give them easy access to your home, we recommend considering a metal roof to avoid unwanted guests and their costly airfare.

Metal roofing solutions have become the new and improved way to cover your home. Its durability, stability, and longevity have prompted the residents of Seattle to make the switch. Click here for more information and see if a metal roof is the right option for you.