The Advantages Of Using A Wine Storage Facility

Wine lovers or wine collectors need to ensure that the wines are stored properly. Wine is a delicate beverage that has to be preserved under certain conditions. If you don’t store wine properly, it can spoil quickly. That is where a wine storage (ห้องเก็บไวน์, which is the term in Thai) facility is helpful.

These facilities provide the best conditions to store wine properly. Keep reading to learn more.

Controlled Temperature

There are various advantages to having a wine storage facility, one of which is controlled temperature. Wine should be stored at a steady, cool temperature; this is in the range of 56–59 °F i.e. 12–15 °C. Temperature variations make the wine age faster or become a tainted product. A storage facility maintains the right temperature throughout the year.

Controlled Humidity

Likewise, the humidity for wine storage is of significant importance. High humidity helps mould grow, while low humidity tends to shrink the corks. This is why wine storage facilities control humidity levels at 60–70% to prevent premature ageing or seepage.

Protection From Light

Light, particularly ultraviolet rays, affects wine quality. It can lead to premature ageing and the development of unpleasant smells. Another important aspect of a wine storage facility is that the wines are stored in an environment with no direct exposure to light.

Protection From Vibration

Vibrations also affect the state of sediments in wine bottles and consequently influence their taste and quality. Wine storage facilities decrease movements from other road users or equipment, ensuring that the stored items are secure and stable for the long term.


Having your valuable wine collection at home can be dangerous. A wine storage facility has measures such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems and physical access control. Some also provide storage with isowall, which meets the same standards as a clean room and can protect against heat and other natural calamities.

Inventory Management

Growing your wine collection can sometimes be a problem since you will find yourself struggling to keep track of your bottles. Some wine storage facilities offer inventory management services that allow you to track the overall stock, tasting notes and the right time to drink each wine.

To conclude, serious collectors of wines and wine lovers should consider putting their money in a wine storage facility. Thanks to a controlled temperature & humidity, your wines will be stored in the most favourable conditions. The additional security, inventory tracking and professional services enhance the value of these centres to properly store your wine for future use. Customers can reach the location via BTS or personal car.