Schooling for girl child project is feasible

Initially, when the Girl Child Project linked to schooling was initiated, many Indians, especially, didn’t believe it would work. However, for over 20 years, there have been so many things that have led to the fact that girls are now allowed to attend school in India and other parts of the world. It is true that things are still not easy. Even today, there are many families in India who do not believe it is important to enroll their children in school to receive a formal education.

The old mindset should be cleared out

The truth is that many families believe that a girl’s or woman’s responsibility is to stay at home and care for household responsibilities as well as children. All of these responsibilities are thrilling for women to take on. However, over the last 20 years, many people all over the world have advocated for women to have an education as well. This is why the establishment of the Nanhikali project to take care of girls’ education was welcomed by many families who wished to do so but lacked the necessary funds. It used to be difficult to even get funds. However, things have worked out just fine. That is definitely one thing to consider as it needs to be. Education for girls will always yield a lot more results. That is one thing that has proven to be true.

Girls’ education is a benefit

Girls grow up to become women, and they become mothers. They care for their children too. That means, when they are educated, they are also able to make sure their children receive the right education, and it helps to strengthen the very foundations of a country and society. Deciding to be connected to the Girl Child Project is not wrong. It makes the biggest difference and works to achieve the right level of perfection. India is one of the countries with a high proportion of girls who do not attend school. It is unfortunate that some males choose to abandon their female children at birth, which is wrong. With many NGOs and even the Indian government focusing on changing things, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. This is one of the reasons you will have a fantastic experience. When more and more girls are pushed to the fore, the whole world gains. That is why education shouldn’t be something that is taken away from girls. Every girl has the right to be well educated.

Your call to help these girls

Help girls in India get an education. Is that possible? Can you help? Well, the truth is that you can if only you want to. There are specific websites, like the sites of these NGOs, that can make it happen. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been shown to be one part of society that cannot be eliminated.


It is heartbreaking to witness many Indian girls with great talent, intelligence, and skill squander away their lives simply because they were born female. The girl child project seemed unrealistic when it was introduced some years ago by major NGOs like NanhiKali. However, it is well understood today. That is what you should always be interested in. Do not let your desire to assist these girls come to a halt. Use the right websites to make sure you include or add your support too. It makes a huge difference.