Is Rolex GMT Master Ii Worth Buying?

The Rolex GMT master series is likely to go way beyond just a tool watch. It is an iconic watch that takes you back to memory lane and evokes nostalgia sense when you look at it. If you are a pilot or a globetrotter, then the tool is your best bet, but it is also one of the best watches for a coveted collector from different walks of life.

Collectors love the GMT series as it continues to evolve, and it is also staying true to the main design while featuring more advanced and latest technologies, including cerachrom bezels if you are planning to buy Rolex GMT master ii when you need to look no further as this guide is your best bet.

The key features of the watch include a 40 mm dial that features luminous black hour markers, which is available in blue or Metroid. Some fantastic features include time with running SEC GMT functionality and data display. The materials available include 18 k ever rose gold and 18 K white gold. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Rolex, then you must go for the stainless steel Rolex GMT master ii featuring a black dial and a black ceramic bezel. Besides that, there is a classy aesthetic that promises an understated quality. It is suitable for all the settings and tastes. The Rolex GMT master two collections were initially introduced back in 1983. It operated along with the primary GMT master collection. Still, since the turn of the Millennium master, two has replaced the original mastering as the manufacturer’s primary collection of pilot watches. Initially, the company designed the watch in collaboration with Pan American Airways. The watch can keep a time track of 3 time zones due to the fantastic quickset hour. Of course, the rotatable bezel also helps in moving the watch. Due to the expansion, buyers now have options to buy the GMT master two collection.

The Rolex GMT master ii is recognised as one of the most versatile models of the luxurious watch brand. However, if you are looking for a watch with a bicolour bezel and also wish to have GMT master 2, then you must go for the Pepsi timepieces that have red and blue bezels. 

The Pepsi design is available only in white gold, which gives a perfect sense of exclusivity to the wearers.