Increase Your Pizza Sales With These Tips This Halloween 

Halloween is the biggest celebration in the country and a crazy night for pizza restaurants. The pizzerias experience a massive increase in sales during Halloween, so how about you make it more interesting for all the pizza lovers this year? 

Pizza on Halloween has become a staple for several families across the country. The holiday season calls for more lazy yet more comforting meals, which are incomplete without pizzas. So if you want to make your Halloween memorable this year and treat your family with an exciting and delicious meal, give a chance to Double Pizza restaurant, and you will surely not be disappointed. 

Tips to increase your sales this Halloween 

  • Trick or treat at the restaurant. 

Use the track that Halloween is most famous for. Decorate your restaurant with pumpkins, funky lights, and spooky add-ons, and this will treat customers to your restaurant to get into the Halloween vibes before a day. 

Hand out candies to whoever buys pizza or simply visit your restaurants. Arrange fun games, activities, and offers for visitors to participate in. To make it more interesting, you can even declare prizes in the form of offers like free add-ons and discounts on their orders. 

  • Make your pizzas in a Halloween theme. 

Halloween is a creative festival with several spooky elements. Use such details to make your pizzas more exciting and fun for your customers. Moreover, you can create unique Halloween combos and make your pizza in different shapes to attract children. 

Use your pizza topping to create various shapes like photos, and pumpkins, build a pepperoni house, shape your access in the form of ghosts, etc. There are so many Halloween elements that you can use as inspiration in your pizzas and be the talk of the town!

  • Suggest home delivery options. 

Let your customers know that you are open to delivery and that your staff will cooperate with them so they can stay in and enjoy family time. Assure them that you and your delivery executives will deliver the food on time and not disrupt their family celebrations.  

For most people, the Halloween season is about staying n and spending time with family. So for pizza restaurants open to delivery, it is the perfect opportunity to boost sales. 

  • Introduce specials and discounts 

The holiday season is the best time to introduce discounts and offers as people are looking to place orders in large amounts and fewer prices. Having deals or a buy 1 get one free offer can help you sell more and more pizzas. 

Use exciting tag lines, and if possible, start marketing your special offers 3-4 days before Halloween. You can also use social media to endorse the deal, as it will increase your reach.