How to throw a bucks party at a strip club

If you are looking to organise a bucks party in a strip club, you might want to keep a couple of things in mind. A lot of strip clubs offer VIP deals that make taking care of those little details easier. Some VIP deals aren’t worth the money you will be charged. Strip clubs will whisk you away into some corner or some small space curtained off from the rest of the club and just bring you the club’s best girls. By “best” you are supposed to assume that these are the girls that elicit fat tips from customers. The problem is that “best” is a matter of taste and unless the owner knows exactly what you find attractive, his best might not be your best. You might want to look visit the strip club before the night of the bucks party to check out the level of talent on offer.

Be aware of the rules

Just because you’ve booked for a premium VIP experience does not mean you don’t have to adhere to the rules. Sometimes people assume that private dances are done under certain club rules. That is not true. Some clubs allow touching, others have a strict no-touching rule. Do yourself a favour by asking what the rules are.

Ask nicely and you may get what you need

Bucks strippers Melbourne appreciate being asked. A bit of consideration goes a long way. Sometimes though, guys tend to be sweet to a fault. If there is something they don’t like, giving a hard no in a strip client seems to hard. Some feel like they have to scramble for excuses like “I’m in a serious relationship”. If you are not firm with your “no” the girls will keep coming and coming. Remember, these ladies are out to make money so do not be a pushover.

Ask for the price of everything first

If you are going for the VIP experience, then you should expect to pay more than what you would in tips. Drinks are also a bit on the expensive side in strip clubs, so be sure to ask for a wine list or smething that shows the price of alcohol. Find out what the prices are before indulging in whatever bucks party fantasy you are about to engage in.

Don’t start taking snaps

Most but not all strip clubs have a “no phone” policy. Phones are a distraction. The ranging and the flashing can be a nuisance.  Switch the phone off. Most people would not want to be seen in a strip club. Especially bucks party strippers Melbourne, they do not want their businesses out on social media even if they are performing at a bucks party.

Tip generously

Tipping is expected in a strip club but if there is one particular dancer that has impressed your party, let the lads rain their dollars on her.

Do not use your credit card

Do not under any circumstances use your Credit Card. If you are working off a budget for your bucks party, do not put anything on your credit card. It’s the kind of paper trail you don’t want. Things can get wild very quickly. Things get pretty wild, pretty quickly at these things and good judgement just flies off the window. You could end up paying for things you didn’t mean to pay for and high service charges that will put a dent on your credit card balance. Take cash and avoid credit cards and ATMs.