Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Lash Serum!

Eyelashes have become the new trend. They not only add drama to your everyday look but also make you look flawless. To get long lashes, you can even get lash extensions, but it is easier to have long lashes. Also, getting lash extensions is a hassle as it requires you to maintain them. But eyelash growth serums, on the other hand, are just the thing you want, if not lash extensions.

Firstly, what does eyelash serum do?

Eyelash serums are a formula that helps strengthen your natural eyelashes. The serum hydrates your lashes and prevents any kind of breakage or fallout. With less lash fall, your eyelashes will become thicker over time.

Do lash serums work?

The answer is yes, but not all serums are created the same. The basic purpose of lash serums is to affect the growth cycle of lash growth and accelerate its growing process. There are several brands providing eyelash serums, but the effectiveness of all is different.

Before selecting any eyelash growth serum, here are some points that you should keep in mind –

1. Brand Of The Serum

When it comes to cosmetics, the name and authenticity of brands do matter. Some brands produce low-quality products with low-quality materials. These serums, rather than encouraging lash growth, will affect it negatively and lead to an increase in the fallout.

2. Reviews and References

Once you have narrowed your choice of serums, check for reviews. Many brands claim to do something, but the customers end up having different experiences. Look at before and after pictures to get a clear idea about the effects of the product.

Read about the pros and cons of different products and decide which one is more suitable for you. It is considered best to buy an eyelash serum online because it allows you to browse through the reviews of different people. Several beauty blogs carry out independent reviews of beauty products but make sure that you are reading these reviews from an authentic website. Many reviews on the internet are fake.

3. Product Ingredients

Ingredients of a product are something that cannot be taken lightly, especially in a skin care product. Without reading the ingredients, there is a risk of you getting an infection. For the same reason, many people prefer buying all-natural products as it almost eliminates the risk of infection. It is important to read every ingredient in detail before buying. Look out for ingredients you are allergic to or sound fishy to you.

The purpose of the serum is growth and nourishment, so that is what you want your serum to do. The ingredients are also responsible for the degree of effectiveness of the product. If the product does not have ingredients like peptides, biotin, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals, then the product is most likely to be ineffective. Also, watch out for harmful chemicals and drugs that have been recalled or seized by the FDA. Carcinogenic substances and certain compounds recalled by FDA in lash conditioners, namely, Isopropyl cloprostenate.

4. Packaging Of The Product

The easiest way of identifying a fake lash serum is to look at and examine the packaging of the product. The fake eyelash serums come with cheap packaging that can be distinguished from real and effective serums. Even the quality of the print is poor, making it difficult to read, and some parts of the label may also be missing.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Brands can make big claims, but if a brand truly believes in its product, it will put its money in. If the brand believes its product to be as effective as they claim, then it will have no problem offering a money-back guarantee.

6. Chemical Free

When you are not able to decide about your serum, go for a clean option, as natural and organic ingredients never give you allergies and infections. There are still many brands that use harmful ingredients which cause adverse side effects ranging from skin irritation to skin cancer. To be safe, opt for products that are chemical-free and have plant-based ingredients instead.

7. Doctor recommended

Always ensure that the product you use has been recommended and checked by your doctor. It may even happen that the product is fit for someone else but not you.

The lash line is extremely sensitive since it is in such proximity to the eyes; it is important that you choose the right and recommended product. Even if you don’t usually suffer from infections, allergies, or skin sensitivity, using harsh and untested chemicals near that area can cause serious damage.

8. Expiration Date

Check the expiration date of the serum before buying it. Sometimes the product is original, but the expiration date has passed, making it ineffective. Expired products are not only ineffective but are also dangerous for your skin. They get harmful due to the build-up of bacteria inside the products.

9. See How Often Will You Apply The Product

It is recommended that the customers apply the product once a day or twice at max to see results. While results vary from product to product and person to person, eyelash growth can be seen between 30 to 60 days of using the product.

10. Side Effects

Research if the serum you are considering buying has any side effects. This includes allergic reactions to the ingredients used. These things can happen to anyone, and the degree of the effect may vary. Make sure that you understand the side effects of the serum, how serious the effects will be etc.

Wrapping Up

Buying an eyelash serum without proper research about its ingredients or side effects can be very risky as they are applied near the eyes, which is an extremely sensitive area. Many eyelash serums out there may not be real serums and will not bring a change in your lashes. Checking reviews is very important to find out the duration of the results.

Also, making sure that the serum is fit for you and is recommended by your doctor is very important. Using serums made of natural and organic ingredients is the best way to accelerate lash growth without too much risk of infection.