Debunking Popular Myths about Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a very popular stone choice to be used as the countertop. But choosing it for your next renovation or remodeling project can be quite challenging because of the myths that surround this stone. Due to many common misconceptions, people fear to use this stone. So, to help you out, we will debunk these common myths about quartz and once again restore your confidence in it.

Quartz is very easily damaged

For some reason, this misconception does not tend to leave this stone. People often say that quartz is susceptible to damage and stains, and it is not that tough like granite, however, its strength is pretty commendable. It is also pretty resistant to stains. In order to damage this stone, you will have to gouge it with harder minerals. It can easily bear higher temperatures. No doubt, quartz is slightly porous in nature and can stain over time but this can be easily reduced by sealing the slabs. Overall, it is a good countertop choice.

All quartz countertops look the same

This is a very persistent myth and is not at all relevant or true. Quartz is regarded as one of the most versatile forms of countertops available to people and it comes in a wide range. One can get it in multiple shades, patterns, textures and veins and since they are engineered to production, the possibilities are endless. There are also quartz countertops that look very similar to marble or granite.

Quartz countertops do not contain any natural stone in them

One of the most popular myths about quartz countertops is that they do not contain any traces of natural stones in them. This is not true as these countertops are artificially engineered in very special factories and set-ups. Naturally occurring quartz is used in the production of the quartz countertops. This natural stone is then combined with a percentage of manmade resins, which is responsible for improving its natural beauty and toughness.

Quartz lacks variety

This myth arises from the fact that quartz is engineered. Quartz might be manufactured in factories; it definitely does not lack in variety. There are endless options in quartz and the colors and designs are never-ending, which means you can easily customize your space the way you have always wanted.

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