Composite Fillings Benefits: Luxury Meets Durability 

Cosmetic dentistry has gained traction over centuries since it provides advanced procedures that not only restore the tooth form and function but also help improve the aesthetics. Composite fillings are one such popular restorations preferred by several dentists for tooth decay. 

The facility practicing restorative dentistry in Buffalo Grove provides composite fillings through its state-of-the-art technology to fulfill patient needs of durability with superior aesthetics.  

A comprehensive guide to composite fillings 

Composite fillings are tooth-colored dental restorations made up of a mixture of resin and powdered glass fillers. These aesthetically superior fillings help to restore the damage caused by tooth decay and cavities. These are increasingly popular since they closely resemble natural teeth. Also, they do not contain any mercury to cause any harmful health effects. Since they blend with the natural teeth easily, composite fillings are often preferred to restore the anterior teeth, though they can even be used for posterior teeth. 

Composite fillings help to correct the following dental problems: 

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Diastema (space or gaps in between your teeth)
  • Dental decay in the anterior teeth or in the teeth that are visible along your smile line
  • The interdental areas (due to caries developing in the space between your teeth)

A comprehensive look at the benefits of composite fillings 

Composite fillings are popular since they offer the following benefits:

  • Do not require much drilling like other restorations
      • Composite fillings require much less tooth to be removed, along with its decayed sections.
  • Bonds well with the existing tooth 
      • The composite filling material bonds directly to your original tooth.
      • They can be used in the form of inlays and onlays that are custom-made in the lab, thus bonding with the tooth directly.
  • Hardens quickly within a few seconds
  • Once the material is placed inside the cavity, a special curing light is targeted to harden it, which usually takes less than 1 minute. 
  • The composite filling can be repaired
      • If the composite fillings begin to degrade, your dentist can use new filling material to build up the tooth structure. 
  • Does not contain mercury
      • Mercury is toxic and can be harmful to your body if ingested. 
      • Fortunately, composite fillings do not contain mercury, thus the restorations are safe. 
  • Aesthetically superior
    • These fillings successfully match your natural teeth by choosing an appropriate shade. 
    • These fillings are tooth-colored, thus making them less noticeable.


Composite fillings are tooth-colored, durable restorations that are increasingly popular among dentists. They offer a series of benefits when compared to other dental restorations, making them the most desired fillings.