Building Inspection: Everything You Should Know

While building inspection is a huge and very complicated field and you possibly can’t know everything about it, what you can do is to know the basics that are crucial for maintaining the quality of your house. 

Two Ways of Building Inspection

  • Self-Inspection

Every time you look at the paint in your house and scratch it to see if it has gotten old, you are performing an inspection. When you live in a house you have to monitor everything. 

You have to keep an eye on plumbing, electricity, ventilation, insulation, and everything. When problems are minor you can either fix them yourself or hire a professional electrician or plumber. 

You do and should perform this type of self-inspection on a regular basis because it is a part of house maintenance. 

  • Inspection Experts 

Now and then you would need to hire certified inspectors in order to inspect your house more deeply and thoroughly. This is especially necessary prior to buying a new house because you don’t know what the house really is like on the inside. 

The inspector finds out problems in the house that need fixing and reviews the cost of the house to help you decide whether the house is worth the money you want to spend on it or not. 

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Basic Things to Focus On

Whether you are interested in residential or commercial building inspection, the basic things that you need to focus on remain the same. 

  • The Interior of the Building 

Inspecting the interior of the building involves examining the following:

  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Internal paint
  • Walls
  • Doors and closets

  • The Exterior of the Building 

Inspecting the interior involves taking a look at the façade of the building, how well it blends with the house. It also involves taking a look at the ease or difficulty with which vehicles can get in and out of the house. It also involves taking a look at and removing molds on the external walls. 

  • The Underground Issues

These problems are usually related to either sanitation or plumbing. 

  • Electricity Issues

Check for any issues related to electricity, whether related to electric lines, or anything else. 


Building inspection basically involves a physical and visual examination of problems and vulnerabilities in buildings. The purpose of building inspection is to ensure that things get fixed in houses before it’s too late and they lead to catastrophic consequences.