Best Ways To Deter Birds From Your House

Birds are lovely flying beings. Anyone will adore them in their home surroundings and their natural state. Yet, they can be a menace and nuisance if they are in groups. They enter the home, a getaway with food ingredients kept for drying under the sun. They deface and find many feathers in your compound. It will help if you can install bird spikes to get some relief from native and migrating birds in all seasons. Harming birds is a violation of the law. You will be penalized even under jail terms for killing or injuring birds. Thus, fixing the best bird spikes will give long-term relief from keeping birds away from your home window sills, ledges, and beams.

Alternative Methods To Deter Birds

It will help if you get local body advice and adapt to the best ways to deter birds from your home premises. The home remedies or alternative methods are the best for homeowners who have restrictions on using the latest anti-bird products. Such products will harm the birds by giving a mild electric shock, ultrasounds, and any devices that cause harm to birds.

  • Use aluminium foil or reflective tapes to get rid of birds. The birds usually do not like reflections from lights. They tend to keep away from such objects. Thus, placing or fixing aluminium foils is a cost-effective and straightforward way to deter birds.
  • Use a fake or dummy falconry on your house rooftop, windows and open areas than bird spikes. The birds are usually afraid of predator birds. Thus they will fly away by looking at the fake falconry at your available home premises.
  • Place wind chimes where the birds are likely to nest. The sounds from wind chimes will keep birds from coming near them.

1. Consult With Pest Control Companies 

Homeowners must consult a nearby pest control company to know the best ways to keep away from birds. They follow the local body compliance and suggest the proper ways to use the best bird spikes if it is legal in your region. Thus, you will avoid the costly and dangerous anti-bird products that use electricity to function. In addition, such products need maintenance and repair work. Therefore, a household will have to invest in deterring birds from their home premises.

2. Use Bird Spikes

The use of bird spikes is legal in many countries. Thus, it is a one-time investment, and the homeowners will get long-term benefits from keeping away from birds. It is advisable to buy bird spikes made of metals, fibres, and plastics. They are much more durable and cost less when compared to modern anti-bird products available in pest control shops and online stores. Moreover, households can fix them without professional help from pest control agents.


It is advisable to read some bird spikes reviews online and buy the best bird spikes. They do not harm birds in any way. Thus, you will feel some relief from the bird’s menace or nuisance in your home surroundings.