Best way to promote your instagram account after you buy followers

After purchasing new Instagram followers, effective ongoing promotion is crucial to converting those followers into an engaged community. Without strategic promotion, bought followers remain passive and bring little value. The key is combining follower purchases with creativity, incentives, and outreach to drive activity. This builds involvement from both existing and new followers and powers sustainable growth. An effective tactic for sparking awareness and participation is running an Instagram contest or giveaway. The prospect of winning prizes will capture the attention of your new and existing follower base.

  • Offer enticing prizes relevant to your niche like your products, gift cards, brand swag, or access to an exclusive experience. Get creative on prizes your ideal audience will love.
  • Promote the contest heavily by posting details multiple times, creating a catchy hashtag, and running ads targeting your followers. Make the opportunity impossible to miss in their feeds.
  • Require entrants to follow you, like/comment on your post, or tag friends to encourage specific actions. This converts passive followers into promoters.
  • Keep the contest simple to enter by just requiring a follow or like rather than lengthy forms. Draw it out over 1-2 weeks to sustain interest.
  • An exciting contest with compelling prizes drives viral activity and engagement from fans new and old. Encourage buy automatic likes for Instagram to take their first brand actions.

Host an interactive instagram live or AMA

Going Live or hosting an “Ask Me Anything” question session creates an engaging, interactive event. Alert all of your current famoid followers about the upcoming broadcast using posts, stories, and emails. Actively respond and have conversations with viewers who comment and ask questions to make it fun. Offer behind-the-scenes info or exclusive content via the live broadcast to add value. If doing an AMA, consider selecting some questions beforehand that show off your expertise in your niche. Keep the video succinct and under 30 minutes to hold attention. The more you interact with followers and give them insider access during the live session, the more bought followers you’ll convert into invested community members.

Partner with relevant influencers for collabs

Collaborating on content with influencers in your industry allows you to tap into an expanded combined audience. Outreach to nano or micro-influencers with engaged, relevant followers about featuring them or vice versa. Joint influencer collaborations expose bought followers to creators they also admire. Cross-promotion expands your reach while positioning your brand alongside other industry leaders. After gaining new followers, ensure your Instagram profile makes the best first impression possible. Optimizing a profile helps new visitors become engaged followers.

Offer exclusive promotions and offers

Providing special discounts, giveaways, early access to launches, or exclusive content solely for your current Instagram followers sweetens the value of following you. Promote the offers widely across your feed, stories, emails, and ads to reach bought followers. Purchasing followers must be paired with innovative ongoing promotion, outreach, and value creation. It converts passive-bought followers into an invested community that drives referral, engagement, and sales. Sustained creativity and effort amplify the return on your follower investment.