9 Design Mistakes That Ruin The Look And Functionality Of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is not only one of the most important parts of your house, but it also has a significant effect on your life. A positive, well-decorated, and well-lit bedroom that is perfectly designed to suit your tastes and moods always has a significant impact on your life without you even noticing it. Your bedroom should be a place of refuge for stress relief, comfort, and excellent sleep. You may be unaware of how important the structure of your bedroom is to your sleep, but it can surely make an enormous difference.

Let us first recognize the design flaws and then assist you in sorting them out.

Mistake 1: Cluttering the room

A cluttered bedroom is one of the most common mistakes that we often find hard to manage on our own. A messy bedroom can impact our anxiety, sleep, and concentration. It can also make us less productive by inducing coping and avoidance strategies, leading to depression and anxiety problems.

How to fix the problem?

Keep as few items as possible in your room to avoid making it appear cluttered. Avoid cramming too many large items into a room, as this will make it appear small and crowded. Try to arrange designs in a combination of various shapes, sizes, and heights. Invest in clever storage solutions that will assist you in staying organized. This could include under-bed storage, selecting a chest of drawers with filing cabinets for storing items, and ensuring your dresser is large enough to hold your folded garments. 

Mistake 2: Purchasing an oversized bed

We often purchase a bed way larger than required for our bedroom. This is especially common in our country as we buy beds considering the future needs of the family when it expands. It might also be because you want to cater to guests when they visit your place. However, the first and most frequent mistake which should be considered while choosing the size of your bed is the dimensions of your room.

How to fix the problem?

The best way to tackle this problem is to measure your room and choose your desired bed accordingly. You can opt for a king-sized bed if you have the space for it else; you can order smaller queen or single beds if you have a space crunch. Hydraulic beds with additional storage capacities and easy-to-use features are also great options for smaller spaces.

Mistake 3: Your bedside table is either too small or too large for your bed

Some of the biggest mistakes in bedroom design are having a bedside table that is too small or too big for your bed. Furniture share is critical here, and if you don’t get it right, no matter how beautiful or aesthetic the design of your bed or bedside table is, things will just look off.

How to fix the problem?

You want to make sure your mobile phone or your bottle of water is easily accessible from your bed. For this, it is important to c Choose a bedside table that is roughly the same height as your bed and has functionalities to complement your needs.

Mistake 4: Your furniture is blocking the natural sources of light

The best way to light up a gloomy room is to create room for natural light. It not only enhances positivity but also saves a few bucks on electric charges as well.

How to fix the problem?

If you’re short on space and want to make use of the room around the window, transform it to window seating with space to store under it.

Mistake 5: Picking up a bed frame that is too large

Bed frames are undeniably fashionable and will remain so. Using an out-of-scale headboard can make a room appear smaller than it is. The size or height of the headboard should be determined by the height of your roof as well as the measurements of your bedroom.

How to fix the problem?

You can choose functional headboards that double as side tables or have extra storage spaces. A stylish bed frame makes a room appear lighter and more open.

Mistake 6: You don’t have anywhere to sit

One aspect of bedroom decor that many people overlook is a place to sit. While you don’t need to furnish your entire bedroom with furniture, standard seating is a nice addition. It provides a place to put on or remove shoes, place out the next day’s outfit, or simply keep used clothes away from clean bed covers.

How to fix the problem?

Simply place a seat at the foot of your bed or an armchair in the corner, which also serves as a great reading nook. This will help you cover most of your needs.

Mistake 7: Having a larger closet than your bedroom allows for

Closets in bedrooms are typically used to store all of your clothes. A bulky wardrobe not only spoils the décor of your bedroom but also makes your bedroom comparatively smaller.

How to fix the problem?

You can go through a bunch of designs and be selected when choosing a wardrobe because modern wardrobes are designed to fit smartly into a small space.

Mistake 8: Your bed has been backed into a corner

Most people have a natural tendency to push bedding against walls. However, this is a significant bedroom design blunder. Because your bed is the primary piece of furniture in your bedroom, you should give it a prominent position in the bedroom.

How to fix the problem?

Move your bed away from the wall instead of stuffing it into the corner of the room against the walls. Keep both sides free and place only the bed frame against the wall. This makes your bed more of a focal point in the bedroom and gives it a classier look.

Mistake 9: There is no division of space for various functions

You sleep, study, dress up, and most likely even sip your tea in bed. Each of these areas within the bedroom must be designed appropriately to avoid discomfort.

How to fix the problem?

You can use compact study table designs or compact shelves and assign particular space for this furniture to carry out your work smoothly.

If you have been feeling dull with your bedroom lately, this might be the perfect time to think about an upgrade with your bedroom décor. Instead of drastically changing the look of your bedroom, you might want to identify the mistakes with your bedroom designs that are running the ambiance and fix them to get the perfect bedroom design for yourself. As always, we appreciate the time and effort you have given to read this article. We hope you enjoyed it and got some great suggestions from it.