5 common weed storage mistakes

Keeping your weed in the best condition possible will give you maximum satisfaction when you take it. Unfortunately, many stoners fail to store their weed correctly as they step out of a cannabis store. Failure to store weed properly will affect its quality, aroma, flavour, and potency. It will become junk when your weed has lost its effectiveness. 

Here are 5 common weed storage mistakes you should avoid:

1. Keeping Weed In a Plastic Bag

Plastic bags are not sturdy and do not provide physical protection for your weed. Your weed can be crushed or damaged partially easily. When weed gets crushed, its fragile trichomes will be damaged. Also, the static change contained in plastic bags can displace trichomes and cause them to stick to the sides of the bag.

2. Leaving Weed In The Car

Leaving weed in a parked car will expose it to direct sunlight and heat, which will undoubtedly degrade it. Except you are on your way home from a cannabis store, do not keep cannabis in your car due to the impact the heat can cause and legal implications during a stop and search by the law enforcement officers. 

3. Leaving Weed Close to Heat Sources

Heat has a damaging impact on weed. As a result, do not keep your weed close to heat or heat sources. Appliances like electrical heaters, radiators, and a microwave can generate heat that can destroy your weed. Leaving your weed close to these heat sources will cause the weed to dry, discolour, and wither. Even if you take such weed, its quality will have deteriorated. Consequently, keep your cannabis in a cool place.

4. Keeping Weed in a Freezer

Keeping weed in a freezer to make it retain its freshness will only damage it. Extreme cooling and freezing will reduce the quality of the weed. The cannabis trichomes will be affected and destroyed. Weed is nothing but junk without its trichomes. Extreme temperatures have a damaging effect on weed. Given that, do not make the mistake of placing your weed in a freezer. 

5. Mixing Fresh with Old Weed

You would realize that weed is packed separately in a cannabis store. They do not mix old and fresh weed. It is a storage mistake to store older and newer wed together. Store them separately without mixing them. Mixing them will reduce the quality of the weed’s aroma, flavour, potency, and overall quality. You would not enjoy a mix of older and newer weed. 


As you get your weed straight from a cannabis store, store it safely and appropriately to retain its flavour, aroma, and potency. Ensure to avoid the above storage mistakes to get maximum value and satisfaction from your weed.