A few weeks ago, we received the sweetest package for our #BabyWiercinski from our dear friends Sabrina and Michael, from The OVer Company. They picked out the most perfect pieces for our girl, and even added some goodies for Mom and Dad too! I had originally planned to wait for our girl to arrive so I could put all these different pieces on her to share with you all, but I can’t hold it in any longer. I’m going to share our new OVer additions now, and then of course there will be a follow up post with #BabyWiercinski modelling them too!

A little bit of background before I jump into things…

I love and admire a good “Girl Boss” story – especially Sabrina’s with her company: The OVer Company! This is the story of a company which literally skyrocketed; developing into one of the best and most trusted brands for moms all over Canada (and internationally). I constantly look back to the day Sabrina first told me of her idea and think WOW. I’m just so proud and happy for her! She made her business dreams come true; and to this day continues to push forward with new ideas and products, simply growing her brand! You go girl! If you haven’t checked out The OVer Company yet, don’t wait any longer – follow this link directly to their website and #GetYourOVerOn !

Nodo Gowns, Blankets, and OVers, Oh My!

Let me start by saying that I have been dreaming of the day when I could finally purchase OVer items for my own child, ever since the company opened. Finally my dreams came true, and instead of just getting things for my friends and family, I am now able to buy things for MY BABY!

This lovely package from Sabrina and Michael came to us filled with goodies and love for our #BabyWiercinski ; I couldn’t have picked out the items better myself!

So, let’s talk product details!

The Original OVer Baby Cover

| The Original OVer Baby Cover – $50.00 CAD |

First and foremost, #BabyWiercinski will start her life with two of the original OVer Company Overs! I literally dreamed of the day I could finally own one of these to use on my own child! We are now the proud owners of two; one in a solid soft pink in the Serene print, and a second in a solid black Eclipse print (this one is for daddy when he takes baby out and perhaps starts feeling a bit too overwhelmed with the amount of PINK everywhere – haha).

The Nodo Gown + Matching Nodo Hat

| The OVer Company Nodo Collection – Gowns $38.00 CAD + Hats $16.00 CAD |

The classic OVer Company Nodo Gowns with matching hats! Here we have the Serene print and the Lala (floral) print! These gowns and hats are made from the softest materials! I cannot wait to dress our little bundle of joy in these, as they seem so practical with the fold-over sleeves over the hands, and the open tie up bottoms! Check out these items, as well as the many other Nodo Gowns + Nodo Hats available on The OVer Company website by following this link HERE!

The Butter Blanket and the Swaddle + Car Seat Blanket

| The Swaddle + Car Seat Blanket – $35.00 CAD // The Butter Blanket – $40.00 CAD |

Both of these blankets are the softest, most sweetest blankets I have seen for a newborn (and not only). The Lala Swaddle + Car Seat blanket is reversable – one side in a solid grey and the other in the OVer Company original Lala print. The butter blanket can also be used for swaddling and is also made from the softest light weight material. I’m sure we will be using both of these blankets around the clock with our little one as they are SO adorable and so practical!

The Mama Robe and Essential Scrunchie

| The Mama Robe – $90.00 CAD // The Essential Scrunchie – $16.00 |

I don’t think I will ever wear another robe every again! These OVer Mama robes are the softest, comfiest, and prettiest! AND who doesn’t want a matching scrunchie? Not to sound like an overkill but seriously, Sabrina worked her magic on these scrunchies too because literally I LOVE mine and wear it ALL THE TIME! It’s super comfy, the size is ideal, and it actually holds my hair together! Of course these beautiful mama pieces also come in different colours and patterns, all original to the OVer Company!

Here is the packaging for the OVer Mama products – how incredibly practical and pretty! Mama’s deserve sweet treats like this!

I cannot wait to start using all of these products with my little girl when she arrives (the due date is fast approaching), and I promise I will share many photos of her wearing these pieces!

In the meantime, I highly recommend you visit The OVer Company’s website and do some shopping of your own! There are so many amazing items to choose from; from blankets to gowns, and everything in between!

I am so thrilled that now that I will be a Mama, I will be able to shop this brand for my own child! This is literally just the beginning of my #BabyWiercinski’s OVer Collection!

FOREVER IN LOVE WITH LOUIS VUITTON BOOTS {plus a preview of the new season Laureates!}

“I just rescued a pair of shoes. They were trapped in the store.”

I’ve attempted that line on my husband a few times, especially in my favourite shoe boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, or Gucci. It works sometimes. But I’d say I’m pretty good at knowing my limits, so it’s actually usually him that’s convincing me to “just take the shoes already – you’ve been thinking this over way too much – let’s just buy them already”. I’d say my husband is the best and spoils me too much – but that’s not what this post is about. So, what’s it about?


It may be obvious to some of you already, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Laureate Platform Desert Boots by Louis Vuitton; and have been for some time now. The first question I get when I make this statement is usually: “So, why haven’t you bought them yet?”. I don’t really have a good enough reason for this – there always just seems to be something else to spend my money on – can I just say the timing has never been right. I also cannot get over the idea of spending THAT much on a pair of boots. The last time I came close enough to buying them, I dropped twice as much on a bag – but it’s a BAG. A bag I will carry around and watch where I place. Shoes are meant for walking, and shoes get ruined much faster. It’s an internal battle I’ve been having for quite some time now. I’m sure the day will come when I finally crack, but for now, I’m still dreaming.

Okay so, the NEW SEASON is here, and so are the new designs of these gorgeous boots. In all honesty, I’m not that crazy about them and I really do prefer the classic black and beige designs – but nevertheless, here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Louis Vuitton Shoe Post if I didn’t show you a few other beautiful pairs; which I’m also eyeing (but of course, the desert boots are priority if anything).

|| Top to bottom; starting on the left side. All prices in CAD: || Discovery Ankle Boot – $1720 // Discovery Flat Ankle Boot – $1690 // Jumble Flat Ankle Boot – $2090 // Silhouette Ankle Boot – $1730 ||


Another summer has gone by and here we are again; my absolute FAVOURITE time of the year! A U T U M N! As I sit on my deck, sipping my decaf coffee, I can’t help but stare out to the beauty around me. Soon enough these wild green forests will start changing colours and turn into a beautiful golden and orange glow, swaying through the warm autumn breeze. Not only does the weather change, but also the season for paper & stationary picks up (hello new notebook collection), retail targets adjust to bring us more cozy and comfy clothing, deliciously scented candles, and cozy home decor which make us want to start up the fireplace and cozy up on the couch with a new book! Did I just paint you a picture of the perfect autumn night in? Because, I definitely did for myself!

September brings us an opportunity for change and re-evaluation for the last bit of the year; especially in terms of goals and achievements. Although it’s the start of a new school year for students, it also brings the start of a refresh for everyone (else). With only a few months left in the year, it’s a great time to re-evaluate our goals; see if there is anything that we still want to achieve this year; and (if you’re a hyper-planner like me) start building and thinking of goals for next year.

For a moment I stopped to think that maybe I’m building up this love for autumn because of how chaotic and busy these last few months of summer have been; but that thought quickly evaporates. AUTUMN has always been my favourite, and all the things that come along with it.

It is true though, that this year, I’ve been awaiting this season more than ever. As our new home is situated in the peaceful countryside, surrounded by hills and forests, I can’t wait to see how the season changes around us. Living a distance away from the noise and pollution of the city has already brought over a sense of peace for me, and I can’t even begin to explain how blessed I feel to be able to call this place my home.

Starting tomorrow, the city of Ottawa will resume to its regularly scheduled programming ; starting with morning traffic and back to school excitement. I too will pick up where I left off with planning and coordinating for what’s up ahead. Stay tuned for more baby + mama related posts as we enter into the third trimester of pregnancy, as well as posts about lifestyle + adventures of our life and lessons in our new home. And of course, I will work in a few outfit/shopping posts – it wouldn’t be The Prettier Life without fashion, now would it!?


Boston Massachusetts has been on our travel list for some time now. We have heard only good things about the city, and have always had an interest in visiting great universities (Boston, housing two major ones – MIT and Harvard). Last year we finally decided it was time to take this trip to Boston and see for ourselves what it had to offer; and so the planning began.

We decided we would spend 3 nights in the city, and managed to find a super cute American heritage AirBnB to stay at during our visit. AirBnBs really are the way these days; especially when traveling in larger groups. The convenience of having a kitchen and living area is so important – especially for me now when all I think about is food, and have to watch what I eat a bit more. Being able to make our own meals whenever we needed was very convenient and definitely healthier as we were able to cut out the fast food option (mostly).

Whenever we travel, we like to sightsee on our own. We always plan ahead, by making a list of places we need to see, and tips and tricks to follow while visiting that specific location. So far so good, because we’ve only had luck in our travels and always managed to find local gems. So, here is my quick overview guide to our Boston adventure

Where to EAT

If you’re like my husband and love seafood then I would definitely recommend the clam chowder at Quincy Market. I’m sure there are a few other places which have “Boston-famous clam chowder” but he found this one and thought it tasted great!

While you’re at Quincy Market, I recommend Wagamama. This is a place we always visit when in England, so it was super exciting to see it in Boston. I always go for a classic chicken broth with udon noodles and toppings on the side. It’s light and you don’t feel bloated or heavy afterwards, like you might after a burger and fries.

Another tradition for us while in England is tea from Pret-A-Manger, and surprise surprise I found one (I’m sure there’s more than one) in Boston! After a fulfilling shopping trip to Primark we picked up a nice hot English Breakfast tea at Pret-A-Manger to go, and continued our stroll through Boston.

Where to SHOP

One of my must see stops on this trip was Primark! I’ve only ever shopped at Primark in England so this was super exciting. Stepping into four floors of European tradition was absolutely amazing! I’ll be honest, I started in the children department because I was so excited to see what they had in store for our baby girl! I then moved down to the mens floor and then women’s to pick up some pajamas and basics – my go-to items from Primark always.

While you’re at Quincy Market grabbing a bite, I recommend browsing the shops as well. There you’ll find lots of local gems as well as high street stores such as Victoria Secret and Coach.


The downtown core and markets were a must see for us while in Boston, as were the two main Universities; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The downtown core is created for walking and sightseeing. By following the Freedom Trail (which is essentially a red brick path built into the sidewalk which you follow through the city), you walk through all of the important spots in the core and sightsee all of the other surroundings at the same time.

MIT and Harvard are two of the worlds most highly sought after universities and are generally known for their technology advancements (MIT) and legal departments (Harvard). We couldn’t find parking at MIT, so we just took turns jumping out of the car and running through the campus to take photos and glimpse at the buildings and property. At Harvard we had a bit more time to really take in the campus. Ive always viewed Harvard as the main hub for legal education, but this day I was constantly reminded that Harvard has so much more to offer a student than just Legal education – thanks Legally Blonde. One of my favorite places at Harvard was the Coop – the bookstore and gift shop. Of course, I LOVE books so naturally this place spoke to me! I definitely picked up a few good titles to read next!

The Boston harbor front is another local gem in the heart of the city; which we actually only reached by the end of the trip. Nestled in between Boston Marriott Long Wharf and the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park you’ll find a beautiful marina, large play area for kids, waterfront walkways, cozy restaurants, and plenty of perfectly thought out seating areas. I do have a weakness for waterfront views, and I’ll admit that this one was one of the best I’ve seen. Although we only walked a few steps into the waterfront walkway, I’m certain that the entire strip is just as magnificent as the beginning. After a day spent inside the city, this is the place to be to unwind with a cold beverage, and take in the soothing sound of waves splashing against the harbor and birds chirping above.

Overall, this trip was truly amazing and we fell in love with Boston right away. I’d say, if you enjoy the big city life, but can’t stand the crowds and traffic, then Boston is the place to be. In the middle of summer I not once had to push through a crowd or wait in a long line. The city is perfect for walking/strolling through and sightseeing because everything (major in the downtown core) is within walking distance; and that’s a pleasant walk from one to another. The Freedom Trail will take you to all the important sites, and you’ll enjoy the journey on the way.


Before I jump in to the main topic here, I thought I’d give you a little background on my first months of pregnancy, because i think this also affected the vitamins and how I was feeling.

The first few months of my pregnancy were not easy – nausea and extreme exhaustion were the worst. Mornings lasted forever, it was impossible to get out of bed and get my day going; especially when I knew I had to go somewhere that day. I have a fear of throwing up, so each morning I sat in a comfy chair in my living room and took deep breaths in and out, praying that I can keep it together. Relaxing my body and mind helped sometimes. Finally a few weeks in I had to make the call, see my doctor, and start taking anti-nausea medication.

Generally, I try to stay away from pills the best I can because I like to think I have a high pain tolerance and “things will pass”. I had to give in this time and take something because I literally could not function or go to work. I admit that although I do feel a bit guilty for taking something (I wanted to have a completely natural pregnancy) I now know that it was actually a smart decision. I took the smallest dosage possible; the nausea didn’t completely subside, but it became manageable enough to slowly go on with my day.

Then the topic of food came along and the stress that because I felt sick and couldn’t really eat too much, I wasn’t getting all my vitamins and nutrients in. Let’s also keep in mind that my relationship with food isn’t the best. I’m not a big eater, and I’m fairly picky. I’m one of those people that would literally “prefer not to eat if they didn’t have to”. I know that doesn’t sound healthy, but it’s the reality and I don’t feel like I need to hide that. Being pregnant for the first time, I really didn’t know that the golden rule in this stage is “don’t force yourself”. Well, I forced myself on a few things, thinking it might actually help me. I don’t think it did, and now I cannot take the look, smell, or thought of a few items (which I’m still not ready to talk about…) So ladies, don’t force yourself, eat whatever works and don’t worry about it too much in the beginning. Baby is getting his/her vitamins through your prenatal vitamins and your body in general.

So now the main topic of discussion here: P R E N A T A L V I T A M I N S

Along with this stress of “not getting enough nutrients”, came the priority of prenatal vitamins. I did research above research on this topic even before I became pregnant and thought I had it all figured out. Well, I did – to a point. I had a plan. The plan was to start with the vitamin that had the most and was the best rated (over the longest time period). I found this one to be Materna. So, because I got pregnant a bit quicker than expected (not that it was a surprise, I just didn’t think it would happen THAT quickly), I didn’t have time to try out Materna before actually HAVING to take it. We found out I was pregnant in the morning, and I attempted to take my first materna that night. I broke it in half, because I can’t for the life of me swallow pills bigger than an allergy pill. I thought that would be good enough and I could do it. *positive mindset*. BIG MISTAKE. It got stuck in my throat, running to the bathroom I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or stop breathing. Neither happened (probably because of my fear) and I stood there for a good 10 minutes in shock; sweating and panting. Not understanding how I was still breathing with this thing lodged in my throat. I had hot tea handy and crackers so I started dropping crackers into the tea and once they soaked in the tea I started eating them to help push down the pill. THIRTY minutes later I had calmed down enough to tell my husband I will never put that thing, or any other hard pill in my mouth again. My husband was already taking in his newfound happiness of becoming a “father to be” to argue with me and just offered to go to the nearest pharmacy to get me something else. We left it at that for the night and decided we’d go the next day. I was desperate just to get in to bed and forget what had just happened.

The next prenatal vitamin on my list was the Jamieson Chewables. Chewing is fine, what could go wrong with this one? WELL, these upset my stomach to an extent I couldn’t live with anymore. The taste was bearable; like an apple cranberry mix that’s slightly sour. I maybe could have tried taking half of these instead of a whole, but instead my doctor and I decided to set aside the vitamins and give my body a rest for a minute. Keep in mind I was eating strawberries and crackers at this point – nothing else tasted or smelt even decently okay to have in my vicinity. I had lost weight, and feeling like a bad mother already. My doctor suggested I just try to focus on eating more healthy options and that we would revisit the vitamin topic at our next visit.

FINALLY, once the nausea ceased, I went for a third prenatal vitamin option – Nature’s Bounty Prenatal Gummies. I figured dummies were my last and best option, and so I researched and researched and finally found one I thought I could settle on. I’ve now been taking these for about 2 months; 3 gummies right before bed, and it’s looking good. First of all, they are delicious! For me they taste like some type of tropical drink I would order on a vacation in Mexico (while lounging by the pool). The fact that they are chewable gummies makes my life SO much easier and better. Some days I pop three in my mouth at a time, and some days it’s a one by one process. No matter what though, they are the answer to my prenatal vitamin adventure. 

I decided to share this story because I think it’s so important to share with other mama-to-be’s these “adventures”. Although we all go through things differently, and have different tolerances, I think it’s great to read other people’s stories. Especially for first time pregnancy’s when everything is so new and you really don’t know what to expect.

I’m curious to know, what kind of experience did you have with your prenatal vitamins? Which ones worked best for you?


If there was one designer I would have to wear forever, it would definitely be ZIMMERMAN. Each season, I browse through the collections, staring at each piece thinking “I’d wear that”. Is that even possible? To fall in love with every single piece? In my relationship with Zimmerman the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

Honestly, I don’t have a single Zimmerman piece, because well, who are we kidding, the prices are a bit higher than what I would like to spend on a piece of clothing like a dress or blouse… BUT one day, I will find that perfect piece and make the investment to buy my first Zimmerman piece. I promise you that.

Okay, let’s have a look at some of my favourite pieces:

// Verity Gathered Yoke Dress, $950 // Goldie Scallop Short Dress, $750 //

// Goldie Spliced Frill Top, $480 // Goldie Spliced Frill Short, $375 // Goldie Spliced Short Dress, $850 //

// Honour Pintuck Panelled Dress, $1150 // Zippy Frill Dress, $795 (now $565) //


My love for bags and shoes will never disappear, but I’ve recently become very interested in makeup. If you check my browser history it’s basically all cosmetics + beauty pages – from makeup to skin care and everything in between. I think maybe it’s a coming of age thing; like, moisturizing my face and neck is now a real thing every night! I’d say I come from a family of good genes but the extra little help won’t hurt.

So, there really are many products I can talk about; that I plan on writing about really, but I’d like to start with one that I’ve recently laid my hands on.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Kylie Jenner and her famous Lip Kits – well, on #BlackFriday this year I caved and splurged a bit. I mean, who does that? I’ve never even seen her product in real life, and I still managed to buy a box full of products!

I’m not sure what really brought on this sudden need for these products but the urge was real. I just HAD to find out what the big deal was!

But let’s start at the beginning. As all other things, I researched my heart out to figure out when and if there will be any deals for Black Friday on her site. It wasn’t hard to figure out that last years deals were great so the anticipation was that this year would be the same. I browsed her page; probably viewed every single product on there, and made my list of what I’d like to purchase.

Finally, the night before Black Friday arrived and that magical message came through – 40% off all lip products on Kyle Cosmetics! JACKPOT! Lucky for me, the site had saved my selection in my shopping cart so I was able to literally with one click confirm my purchase and put the order through! I was as excited as a child on Christmas. I was finally getting a Kylie Lip Kit!

Now here we are, three weeks later, I am the proud owner of SIX Kylie Cosmetics products! So, what did I buy? Well, here’s the list:

  • Koko K Lip Kit
  • Koko K Gloss
  • Charm Velvet Lip Kit
  • Flirtini Matte Lipstick
  • Puppy Love Creme Lipstick
  • Posie K Velvet Lipstick

First off, the colors I bought are fairly neutral shades with pink tones for the most part. They all look pretty similar, but have different finishes such as the matte, velvet, creme, or gloss.

The lip liner is amazing – it’s very creamy, goes on delicately, and really matches well to the lip stick. The scent at first threw me off a bit, it’s smells like something sweet, something I think I know, but I really can’t put a name to it. After a few times I got used to it and actually craved it a bit? If that makes sense? I guess it smells nice once you get used to it.

Also, in terms of need for reapplication; it’s minimal. I’m able to put it on in the morning and not have to apply till after lunch. And that’s even pushing it because the color stays on your lips for a really long time and the only reason to reapply is to give yourself that fresh look again. Finally, the products do not dry out your lips, aren’t sticky, and don’t crack (like some matte products do). That’s what I’ve found anyways. There may be other reviews out there that have different opinions, and that’s because everyone’s lips are different. But, that’s my honest review.

So, overall ; I am SO happy of this purchase and will definitely be wearing these until I’ve used them all up. I’m actually already planning for what I’ll be restocking next time Kylie Cosmetics has a sale!

A few things to note when planning your purchase:

  • Free shipping on US orders over $40
  • Free shipping on international orders over $60
  • If you sign up for her newsletter/emails you receive a discount code you can use on your purchase
  • The Black Friday sales are a great time to buy – I mean, 40% of lips and 30% off face is a steal!
  • Follow the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account to stay up to date on products and promotions! There’s sometimes free shipping deals, or other sales she does.

Generally, now that I’ve tried her products, I see what the hype of about and I’m right there with the other fans. Her products are great, and the price is reasonable as well! If you are interested in any of these and have any questions for me about them, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer!



I think it’s safe to say that the United Kingdom is one of my favorite places to travel to four main reasons:

  • Family!
  • Shopping! SHOPPING! Shopping!
  • Direct flight from Ottawa to London! + MANY direct and inexpensive flights from the UK to many major cities in Europe!
  • It’s a BEAUTIFUL country; from the heart of London to the flowing countryside; I can never get enough of the views!

Our most recent visit to this wonderful country was back in November. At this point, I think we’ve visited the UK during every season. I’d say there’s something I love about each season so I can’t say I like one more than the other.

During each trip, we visit our traditional list of attractions such as the heart of London, Primark, Wagamama, etc., but also try to see at least one new place we have never been to before!

This time, my husband made the call, and we visited Stonehenge and the nearby Town of Windsor. Both locations were definitely worth the trip! It actually felt important to visit Stonehenge because of its historical background; I definitely feel we checked something off our bucket list with this one. Next, the Town of Windsor; like many of these English Towns, was absolutely adorable! Filled with so many little shops, cafes, and restaurants, and of course, the Windsor Castle right in the middle of the Town. Check + Check!

Luckily for us, the weather cooperated better than expected as well. We were greeted with sunshine from the moment we landed, to the moment we took off at the end of our trip. Not only was it sunny, but it wasn’t at all as cold as it was in Canada, so – bonus! Walking around comfortable in a leather jacket in November is a win in my eyes.

Anyways, we will probably be back sooner than later because we just can’t seem to get enough of Europe recently!!


It’s been a long time coming for this and it finally happened. I’ve FINALLY created my own blog domain; no more Blogger or WordPress endings. We are now operating fully on our own domain and it feels so good!

I’ve had some time recently to reevaluate my goals + passions and it has led me to this. I always tell people to follow their dreams and to just go for it with something they feel passionate about. I’ve finally taken my own advice {with the support of a few good friends + of course my husband} and decided it was time to branch off into my own online space (domain, technically).

The minute I received the confirmation email with the domain registration I got butterflies in my stomach – this is your place in the online world, like, did I just buy a house or something? Now what. All of a sudden a thousand different ideas crossed my mind – where do I start now; the template, the posts, the social media? Luckily, being the organized control freak that I am, I knew exactly where to start. The notebook obviously.

So, it’s all coming together slowly, and I m  beyond thrilled for this new outlet and experience. As always, I’m happy to continue to inspire those who follow my posts – there really aren’t many other things that bring me as much happiness, as those that I discuss + share on my blog.

Thank you for all the support as we continue to grow + build The Prettier Life!


Things are constantly changing in our lives; small or big, there is always something happening. About two months ago, my husband and I made one of the biggest deicsions possible – we decded to take a job opportunity in a different city; 6 hours away from our family!

Looking at it from both perspectives; a) it doesnt seem like a big deal, what’s a six hour drive, but on the other hand, b) it’s a huge difference from having both sets of parents 5 minutes away… nevertheless, we decided to go for it.

So, two months have passed;  54 boxes and 22 pieces of furniture later, we are here. All moved in, into our quaint new home in Ottawa.  Although we havent had too much time to venture out and explore the city, we have noticed that we are situated in a perfect location, close to all the major amentities such as grocerry stores, shopping, etc.

It’s been so exhausting, but at the same time exciting moving into our new place; thank god for my parents and our friends for their help – we would not be in the state we are if it wasn’t for them. Although we are all moved in, there is still unpacking and organizing that needs to be done; which is actually one of the things I look forward to.

Once I get a few more areas organized  in our home I’ll write a post and share some photos!

Overall, we are STOKED to be here and to begin this new chapter of our lives!