R E A D I N G + W R I T I N G

A day spent reading is a day well spent, in my opinion. I have been a book lover ever since I can remember. I try to read every single day; even if it’s just one chapter. More than less, I usually find myself turning page after page of a book that I can’t put down and end up finishing the entire book in just a few days. There are SO many great books out there; and even more getting published daily that I’m positive there’s something for everyone out there. Personally, I turn to fiction, non-fiction, lifestyle and biographies mostly.

Along with books, in this category you can find inspirational quotes and “thoughtful thoughts” which are basically posts I write in hopes of inspiring + motivating you, and to get you thinking + reflecting on your own ideas and lifestyle choices. Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 6.43.38 PM