F A S H I O N + S T Y L E are two different things in my eyes.

Fashion is having access to varies types of clothes and pulling them all together based on whatever is most popular or trendy at the moment. Sometimes, this works in our favor, but most times, what’s “IN” fashion at the moment is not what works best for everyone.

Style on the other hand is something much more specific and individual. We each have out own individual style and that’s what defines us; builds our character; and inspires our next moves. Style is something that comes with age and experience, in my opinion. It’s easy to just follow fashion trends and purchase + wear whatever a magazine tells you is trendy for that season; but style is so much more than that. Having style means you are comfortable in your own skin; enough to make those clothes on your skin look fabulous; even if it’s “just” a plain white t-shirt.

My style only truly evolved a few years ago when I finally understood how I want to be dressing and what I’m most comfortable in. I also understood that it’s not necessary to purchase clothes which are trendy if I am not comfortable in them. I’ve worked out an entire theory for my style and I’m sure I will stick to it and develop it even further.

The main point is; find what works for you and don’t be afraid to just go for it. White t-shirts and jeans forever.