HELLO 2020

Well, where to even begin? 2019 was definitely very eventful for us. First off, we had a BABY! Even though our little bundle of joy was born in the last month of this year, the 9 months of pregnancy basically made it feel like it was the whole year. This little girl has changed our lives; I didn’t know I could love any stronger!

The next big thing that happened in 2020 was that we bought and moved into our dream family home – which in turn means, we can finally settle down! No more moves, no more house hunting – I can actually unpack everything, paint the walls, and design the interior knowing we are here for the long run!

Looking ahead into 2020, I know it will be quite eventful as well. Not only do we have our little bundle of joy with us now, but we already have a few projects in the works that I know will impact our life and keep us busy. I am very excited to see what this year will bring for our family and will try to share as much of it as possible with you! Life is such a journey – the ups and the downs, and everything in between.

B O O K addict

THAT feeling when you open a new book or journal for the first time; the delicate smell of the freshly printed paper, the excitement of finding out what kind of story awaits you on the following pages – it’s all such an inspiration for me to finally live out my dream of writing my own full book.

It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to write my own book, and only in these past few years has it become more of a reality than just a dream. I have read countless articles about how to write a book, gathered advice from authors I admire, but I’ve figured out it’s really all in my own head. Everyone has their own way when it comes to writing – some need a month on their own on a secluded island, while others work through their tales in their minds and jot notes down whenever an idea’s created. I think I’m somewhere in between. Some days I am so incredibly busy that I actually lose myself in the events of the day, and only come back to terms of reality when the project is done, while others, all I have to ponder are my own thoughts and ideas.

Another major aspect of attempting to write this book is the storyline itself – what will I write about? Will it be fact or fiction? Will it be a romantic story or thriller? I honestly, have so many different ideas that it’s hard to decide on just one. Although, I must admit, I think I have settled on one story in particular which I will attempt to write about – partly fact, but due to the sensitivity of the subject, some parts will have to be adjusted.

Nonetheless, if anyone has any advice for me on writing your first book, or has written one and would like to share their experience with me, please email me! I’d love to hear your feedback and advice!




Usually when we go on vacation I like to bring a book or two to read during down times. Last month when we went on vacation I decided to only bring one book – I knew I needed more rest than before, and I’d only get through one book.

After a quick browse through my collection I decided on “The Best Kind of People”, which turned out to be a great choice!

Well, I read the book in two days! It was that good! Personally, I though the writing was great and the story itself was intriguing. The characters drew me in, and I felt like I wanted to know more with each page.

So the “Book of the Month” for the Month of May is “The Best Kind of People”. I highly recommend this book!


My Husbands graduation – 2013

The begining of each month always feels like a new beginning for me; just like a new week, a Monday morning feels like a fresh start. I guess everyone considers a “fresh start” as something different; for me, it’s simply a way of looking forward to a new set of goals or events.

This month, my husband and I have decided to finally take on a project we have been debating on for sometime now – to go back to school and finish our degree. We have been working on classes here and there, but just recently found a specific program we are truly excited about, and that makes sense.

Going back to our college roots is giving me a nice sense of nostalgia – I am enjoying it actually.Not only do I get a student discount again, but the Campus has undergone many updates and renovations since I was last there; which now includes an upgraded wellness and fitness facility.

Maybe I will be able to motivate myself and actually get to the gym now…

Anyways, we are both starting full course loads and the classes will run throughout the entire summer semester – beginning of May to the middle of August.  Yes, we will have extra work on our plates; to add to our already busy schedules, but there is nothing that can, or will, stop us from completing these Degrees.

I love hearing things like “Forever a Student” from adults; education is one of the most important things and it’s so great when we are able to find the time and opportunity to continue our educations!



List of the week: List the things that made you happy as a child.

This weeks weekly reflection forces us to push our thoughts back to our earlier days, and to what we can remember from then.

It’s interesting to see what made us happy as a child and compare it to what makes us happy now. Of course life teaches us many things, and our minds are more developed when we are older, but it’s still a fascinating comparison to make.

Happy Reflecting!




List of the Week: List the ways that you feel lucky.

This is almost another way of asking yourself why you think that you are blessed – and truly, there are so many reasons why I think we are all lucky in life, even if at a given moment in time we may think our world is crumbling. There is always going to be something that you want but can’t have, something that doesn’t go our way, or something that we aren’t happy about. Many of these life events are things we can’t always control, because they simply happen – not by our own decision-making.

I do believe though, we are able to control our happiness; to a point of course. We know ourselves and we know what makes us happy – now we just have to figure out to get ourselves there.

Feeling that we are lucky doesn’t have to be something drastic, something simple such as feeling lucky that your favourite snack was on sale at the grocery store, or that your shellac nail polish hasnt chipped after two weeks. Luck isn’t something we control, it’s almost like that extra cherry on top of happiness that adds a little bit of an extra jump to your step.

I also made sure to account for health and family in this list – two of the most important factors in my life; the building blocks of each and every day. Not only am I blessed, but lucky to have these two in my life – no matter how tough or rough situations can get, I will never take them for granted.

Happy Reflecting!



Springtime Celebration

Spring has sprung and I am absolutely thrilled about it! Spring is my second favourite season; after Autumn.

Springtime always feels so refreshing and allows us to start a truly fresh chapter during the year; as we put away the heavy winter wear and start taking out the lighter items; we clean out our homes and are able to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in; everything just seems lighter.

This year in my area, we are experiencing a nice transition from the winter into Spring – many years the temperatures have jumped drastically and we didn’t really have much time to enjoy true SPRINGTIME. The temperatures are sitting between a comfortable 15-20 degrees celsius, which is perfect as there is still a cool front coming through from the winter months.

I know I have been inactive on the blog for the last few weeks, but I feel like I will be able to come back to my regular schedule soon; as I really miss writing for THE PRETTIER LIFE. I have so many great ideas and information to share on the blog, and I’m looking forward to spending some time to write them all out on here.



I’m not one to strictly follow trends, but once in a while I tend to have the urge to try one or two out. My most recent trend try-out was the CHROME NAIL trend.

It’s actually a funny story; a few weeks ago I was getting my nails done, and as I was sitting there at the end of the session in the dryer, I spotted the most pretty colour: CHROME PINK! Unfortunately, at this point I had just had a full new colour put on, so I wasn’t going to change it then, but I promised myself that the next time I got my nails done, I would get this colour.

So, the “next time” happened last week, and I finally got my CHROME NAILS! First, I was instructed to pick out the brightest pink possible from the Shellac colours available, next, came the chrome powder.

I’ve watched many videos of how this chrome powder is put on nails but trust me, it looks so much better in reality. It is a little bit messy though. Nonetheless, it’s amazing, and I love my nails!




I’m currently reading this book “The Girl Before” which I picked up at Indigo a few weeks ago. I’m sure I’d be done reading it by now if it wasn’t for this crazy busy lifestyle I lead, but, so far so good! I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends from the way it’s looking so far.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the storyline is quite interesting, especially for fans of “The Girl on the Train” or “The Woman in Cabin 10” (which I will do a review on shortly as well because it was AMAZING).

Although I am only halfway through the book, I feel that I will fly through it now that I have a little bit more time on my hands.