The Return of: THE LOOK OF THE DAY {Maternity Edition}

Do you remember those blogging days when all I posted were outfit photos – all the time? Well, I miss those days! I was looking back on my account and this wave of nostalgia came over me. My first thought was; why did I stop? Immediately after that thought, came my answer : life! That’s the hard truth; I got too busy too fast and couldn’t keep up with taking photos and writing weekly posts about my outfits! I know they say “no excuses” and really, this isn’t an excuse. I LOVE my life and I wouldn’t change my path for anything, but I do miss my outfit posts and sharing them with the world!

Therefore, I’ve created a new goal for myself – to post at least ONE outfit post during the month. I’d say that’s achievable. I’d of course like to do more, but the truth is, especially right now, I mostly spend my days in sweatpants and a hoodie at home under a blanket. PLUS; this beautiful baby growing inside my belly isn’t really allowing me to get all that creative. Although, I won’t lie, I’m still wearing all my regular clothes and they are fitting just fine {except for pants which I definitely cannot zip up…}.

Nevertheless, I am on a mission and I don’t take missions lightly 😉 here is my first take at a style/outfit post. Pregnancy and all; I pulled out my favorite pair of denim {undone, of course} and paired it with my one and only favorite poncho sweater. Autumn is hitting Ottawa quick this year, so I completed the look with a leather jacket, booties, a hat, and my darling LV Palm Springs Backpack. Honestly, I felt GREAT in this outfit! The spacious poncho gave me room to breathe, but also kept me warm enough during the cooler evening. I can’t live without a leather jacket so really no explanation needed there. The jeans; that’s another story but I wasn’t going to give in and wear leggings just yet { I still refuse to buy maternity clothes – I just have one pair of leggings and I hope to manage with that}.

Where did this outfit take me you ask? Well, right into the heart of Student Downtown Life in Ottawa for dinner with my husband and brother. Even though I didn’t actually eat anything here, I enjoyed taking photos of their food.

So, how about that for my first {maternity} look of the day!? Perhaps if I get good at this monthly routine I’ll have to start posting my outfits on external #OOTD sites again! HA!

Happy F R I D A Y !



I truly love Sundays basically because they give me the time I need to think; to reflect on the week; and to look forward on what is to come for the next week {or even weeks ahead}. Being able to have that personal time; one on one with yourself; allows you to reflect on your actions in a deeper way, than you would in that given moment.

By actions I mean, for example, if you were in a stressful situation – why was it so stressful to you? Maybe it didn’t have to be that stressful? Did you bring on more stress than necessary? Was it your fault that the situation occurred? What could you have done differently? What WILL you do differently next time to avoid the stress?

It’s important to bring attention to our habits; good or bad, and try to work them out in order to create the best possible YOU! Without even noticing, we may be doing something that brings more negativity than positivity; but it could be something we could easily change. BAM! There’s one thing you overturned already to create the next week better.

In my eyes; this is one of the definitions of PRODUCTIVITY. For me, productivity goes hand in hand with REFLECTING. The first step in being a more productive person means being able to reflect and build on events; ideas; thoughts; and impacts!

Productivity can be defined as many different things for many different people, so the first step is figuring out what exactly it will mean/ or means, to you.

Some say that being productive definitively means turning the motor on and pushing ahead with that go-go-go mentality of “got to keep going”. If that’s what keeps YOU motivated, healthy + happy, then by all means go for it!

For others, such as myself, productivity starts with being of a sound body + mind; mental and physical well being are such a high priority for me. In order to be productive I have to take time for myself, this happens in the form of writing, reading, watching a favorite movie or show, and/or going for a walk in the fresh air.

Each of these things bring me back to my core; mind + body + soul.

One of my favorite reflection writing techniques involves the Moorea Seal #52Lists journals. Each of these journals focus on a different aspect of life – projects, togetherness, and happiness. One question from each journal for the week and you’re off to a great start in your reflecting! {more on these journals in a later post – because I really think they deserve a post of their own}.

Every single day we are surrounded by a world of differences; ideas; characteristics… all GREAT things but also things that impact ourselves; our behaviors; and our thoughts. All things which {sometimes may} push us further away from ourselves; our actual TRUE SELVES!

In taking time to reflect on the past week; month; year – we are giving ourselves the opportunity to dig deeper into our own minds and figure out who and what we truly are trying to become. At this time, steering away from the negative impacts which we may have

These actions in turn will make us more productive and efficient in the next days; weeks; months; years!!



It’s that time again; we’ve made it to another long weekend here in Canada and this time, it’s my FAVOURITE one! THANKSGIVING! Not only is it Autumn (my favourite season) but also the holiday where turkey and sweet potatoes overtake our dinner plates! YUM!

Looking past our plates and weather; Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and grateful for what we have; truly. Although, we should be thankful and grateful for all we have all of the time; this special weekend gives us the opportunity to really dig deep into the topic.

On most days, I trust we can all make long lists of things and reasons why we feel blessed, but I’m sure when you’re put on the spot there are only a few larger category items which come to mind.

Aha; I got you – now you’re thinking of all of the things you are thankful and grateful for to prove me wrong? Either way, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to dig deeper into your soul to reflect on bringing more GRATITUDE into your thoughts:

  • What relationships am I thankful for?
  • What insights have gained that I am grateful for?
  • How can I be thankful for the challenges I have been faced with?
  • Who/what makes me smile and happy?
  • What’s improved in your life from this time last year?
  • What’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today?
  • What’s something enjoyable you get to experience every day that you’ve come to take for granted?
  • What’s something you witnessed recently that reminded you that people are good?
  • How has technology enhanced your life and your connections recently?
  • What’s one kind or thoughtful thing that someone did for you recently?


How many hours a day do you spend on your phone/tablet/computer? Do you spend more time “living” on an electronic device than you do in the “real world”. I must’ve admit that I have been guilty of this type of lifestyle. When you’re chasing your dreams and working hard, it’s hard not to spend hours on your electronic devices writing posts and coming up with content for your social media accounts. I’d transition from being on a computer all day at work, to spending my evenings on my phone or laptop working on content and researching inspiration.

About a year ago, I decided it was time to take control of this precious time and rethink my social media strategy vs. being aware and present regularly. On a side note; it’s actually not healthy at all to be facing a screen for that many hours – so that can be a motivator on its own.

It wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be. Although I own many journals, it was always easier to jot things down on my phone. For starters, my phone was always by my side. Luckily, there was an easy fix for this. I bought myself a small journal which I was able to fit into the majority of my handbags. I make sure to pack a journal with me now wherever I go, and to pull it out to jot down notes even for the smaller things.

Another time when I realized I was too focused and engaged with my phone than my actual surroundings was during our travels. I was always so anxcious to take photos, share my experiences, and connect with others during my vacations; this actually left me minimum time to actually live in the moment and breathe in the experiences. On our most recent trip to Europe I decided I would take this measure further; I grabbed my phone only to take photos. After taking the photos, I wouldn’t post them right away. I used social media minimally and was able to be present and take in all the experiences on the trip fully! By seeing the trip through my own two eyes rather than my camera lens I felt that I truly had a vacation.

Now, please don’t take this post literally to the point where you don’t use your social media at all. PLEASE use social media! It’s one of the most powerful and inspiring tools we have in this world. But, use it wisely! What’s most important in life is your presence and your memories – that is to be cherished.



“Stop looking for H A P P I N E S S in the same place you lost it”

There’s someone so powerful about this statement, especially at this time of the year. Every year when January rolls around and we start a new year, many of us set new goals and challenges for ourselves, find ways to implement positive changes, and do an overall review of our lifestyles, in hopes of reinventing our lives for the better. ALL very positive and achievable factors which I love, and live by myself.

So, now that we have this lifestyle plan figured out, we just need to determine a manner for which we will carry it out in. This is where today’s quote comes in. On this gloomy and rainy winter Friday, as I was sipping my morning tea, I came across this quote, by my daily inspiration; KAYLA ITSINES, and I literally stopped scrolling for a minute and just reflected on it. Automatically, this put a smile on my face because of its reality and authenticity – I love it!

The truth is, we can find HAPPINESS all around us, but of course, there are places which are better for us to look for it than others. I normally don’t do this, but think back to a place or memory where you weren’t yourself, weren’t in your happy place, and overall were not enjoying life. Try to think of a location, a specific place, a mindset – and the reasoning for that mentality. Now, DON’T GO THERE to find your happiness. In fact, place it on the far sidelines, end of the bench, and rip that page from your notebook. Time to start a clean sheet of paper, a new chapter, and a new team to help you achieve and find your true happiness.

If you didn’t full achieve your goals from last year, think why you didn’t, what the mindset was, what the plan was, and simply don’t repeat that thinking it will work out this time. IT WONT. if it didn’t work for you in the first place, there’s a reason for it – so don’t waste your time and energy recreating. Instead, redirect that energy to creating a different headspace, different motivation, a different location to find your happiness.

For example, last year I worked out in one of the spare rooms in my house; it was an okay experience, and I found that I just couldn’t stay as motivated as I wanted to. This year, I decided to move my “workout space” to a different location of the house, overlooking the city through large windows. I’m thinking this small change will really impact the way my motivation shifts to a more positive outlook on staying on track with a workout plan.

Have you made any adjustments or changes to your goals that impact the location or space that you’re in? Do you think this is an effective way of refreshing continuous goals?


The New Year is here and it’s time to put to action our goals! Each one of us will have our own set of goals and determinations for the year, so I will definitely not tell you what to aspire for, but I will try to provide inspiration, motivation, and tips to truly reach your goals and make the most of this year.

When browsing various social media sites this past week, I have read (and liked) MANY posts about New Year’s resolutions, inspirational quotes, and motivational habits. All of this positivity really got me thinking, how do I put all of these wonderful thoughts into one packaged deal that I can relate to in one sentence? Well, easier said than done, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it all fits into my lifestyle psychology of HEALTH + HAPPINESS.

In my dictionary, HEALTH + HAPPINESS can be translated into both personal goals and lifestyle choices, as well as attributes we can share and spread onto others. In my latest Instagram post I introduced one of these functions in connection to my HEALTH + HAPPINESS theory.

“In 2 0 1 8 surround yourself with people who are: INSPIRED + PASSIONATE + MOTIVATED + GRATEFUL + OPEN MINDED”

In my opinion, we can look at this statement in two ways.
ONE: Surround yourself with people who you can look up to, who will be a good influence on you. Being around people who inspire you to grow and develop as a person, who beam positivity, and who open your mind to ideas, are great people to have in your life!

TWO: Surround yourself with people who are just like you. If you think that you have all of the above mentioned attributes by all means you want to be surrounded by others who are like-minded.
By surrounding yourself with others who live and breathe in a similar mentality as you only develops and grows your positivity even more!

Looking back on the saying of surrounding yourself with influential people, it really does make sense!

Good Luck!


December is here, and I know I’m a bit late on the post, but it really only recently began to feel like winter around here.  I think this is one of my favorite months, possibly because of the beautiful decorations everywhere, the family time, and of course the snowy scenery! There are so many exciting events that happen especially in this month such as all of the shopping events that occur, holiday get-togethers and Christmas parties. There can be so much opportunity for happiness this month it can really become overwhelming at times.  Just like during Thanksgiving we give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives, I find this to be an equally important time to give thanks and feel blessed for what life has given us.

Individual lifestyles are becoming more and more chaotic, especially in the North American culture, which in turn is having an effect on both our social skills and health. Although I believe we are all strong and driven in our own ways and that each one of us learns to just keep going and pushing through daily schedules, the importance of slowing down and taking a step back is really beginning to find it’s validity on me.

In order to remain sane and basically regain myself and my focus in this chaotic time, I turn to books I like to categorize as “Lifestyle Psychology”.

I started the #HyggeSeries a few weeks ago, and although I haven’t posted in a little bit, I am still a true believer in the matter and have been implementing its practices as often as I can. Within the #HyggeLifestyle collection, I have also spent some time focusing on two other theories: Lagom and Lykke, which both entice their readers to re-evaluate aspects of their lives to become more relaxed, happy, and fulfilling. If you’re interested in learning more about these theories, have a look at my post here.

In addition, I have a list of books which I like to reach for, such as:

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey
  • Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life by Gary J. Bishop
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight

Not only do these books give me motivation, inspiration, and advice, but also are able to put a smile on my face. At first I was a bit sceptical about reading these types of books, simply thinking, “will they just tell me what I already know?” or “what if these books just give me more unrealistic goals and ideas?”. WELL, when I started reading them, I made sure to take a certain perspective on the information that was being given, and to take notes on things that I thought I could implement into my life; realistically. It all started making sense, and these books became one of those guiding principles in lifestyle choice; and not only for me, but MANY others (as you can see walking into any bookstore, there is always at least one of these books sitting in the main display).

So, the moral of the story is, it’s okay to just take a break sometimes, it’s important to rethink your lifestyle strategy, and make a plan for a happier life – especially since there is always room for improvement in te category of making yourself happier!


864000EE-8170-4D84-B531-A0C9098211C1This week’s #HYGGESERIES post will be a simple one. Today I will tell you about the 10 general rules to follow when attempting to implement Hygge into your life.

1. ATMOSPHERE –“Turn down the lights”

2. PRESENCE “Be here now. Turn off the phone”

3. PLEASURE“Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”

4. EQUALITY“WE over ME. Share the tasks and the airtime”

5. GRATITUDE  -“Take it in, this might be as good as it gets”

6. HARMONY – “It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is not need to brag about your achievements.”

7. COMFORT “Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.”

8. TRUCE “No drama. Let’s discuss politics another day.”

9. TOGETHERNESS “Build relationships and narratives.”

10. SHELTER “This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.”

These points are taken directly from my trusted Hygge source: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well, and I definitely see the potential in each one of them. Truly, each point can be connected to one another, as they all thrive together to build to one main idea of health, happiness, and a cozy comfortable lifestyle.