Every year, around mid-Novemeber, my husband and I start watching Christmas movies. It’s become a tradition and our list seems to grow longer and longer each year, as we find new movies to watch. Perhaps mid-November may seem a bit early, but when you have a long list as ours, you need all the time you can get – plus, we usually only watch movies on weekends; and some week nights if it’s not too late after dinner and work.

So today, I am sharing with you our Christmas Movie List! Yes, some movies are really old, some are really cheesy, and some are in Polish, but they are all Christmas/Holiday related and have become a part of our Holiday tradition. The movies are really in no particular order, and we basically watch whatever we’re in the mood for that day.

  • Four Christmases
  • Love Actually
  • Home Alone
  • Home Alone: Lost in NY
  • Christmas Party
  • Santa Clause
  • Santa Clause 2
  • Santa Clause 3
  • Fred Claus
  • Grinch
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  • Deck the Halls
  • Bad Santa
  • Elf
  • Polar Express
  • The Holiday
  • Family Stone
  • Die hard
  • Christmas Eve
  • The Night Before
  • Almost Christmas
  • Bad Moms 2
  • Daddy’s Home 2
  • Office Party
  • Holiday in the Wild
  • Listy do M – 1,2,3 (Polish Movies)

There are also 8 other movies which we consider our “Holiday Tradition movies” and that’s all of the Harry Potter Movies:

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Go ahead, print this off, save the list on your phone, and start your own Holiday/Christmas Movie Marathon!


It’s a natural fact for humans; once the weather starts to cool down and that summer breeze turns into an Autumn rustling of leaves, this need of a cozy sweater and scented candle overtakes us. How EXCITING!?

Although candles can be (and are) lit all year round, there’s just something that must be stronger within us that makes us want to light pretty scented candles in the Fall and Winter months. The advertisements have started to target us; candle obsessed people, and have begun pushing the Fall scents out. So, now that it’s out there, let’s talk about it!

There are many stores which sell beautiful Autumn candles and I literally fall in love with them all, but there is one location which I have shopped at for many years and have never been disappointed; both quality and price wise. BATH AND BODY WORKS!

The 3-wick candles have been a standard in my home (and all my relative’s homes now – you’re welcome) for many years now. Not only are the candles a great price (you can basically always find some type of coupon or deal for them), but the packaging is SO PRETTY. They are ideal for decorating your own home, and are great as gifts as well.

I recently realized my candle stock was running low, and of course, took myself right to Bath and Body Works without hesitation. The moment I stepped into the store, I was literally overtaken by the delicious smell of all things A U T U M N: which include of course; Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Pecan PieCranberry, Caramel, and many other mixtures. The store associate asked me politely “what brings me in today and if there is anything she can help me with”. I answered both as calmly as I could (I was experiencing massive amounts of excitement and just wanted to start my browsing adventure).

Of course, being the Type-A personality that I am, I was already aware of the deals in store and already knew what I would be walking out with. I’m pretty sure I actually let her know about this at the beginning of our conversation as well. After what felt like forever, I was alone and in my own Autumn world; finally browsing the store and touching basically everything; like a kid in a candy store.

Although I ADORE all things Autumn and could sniff those Pumpkin and Cinnamon candles all day, I actually don’t ever end up buying any; okay, maybe just one or two. The ones that draw my attention the most are always the most delicate and floral scented ones – yes, even for the Fall and Winter months. Even though I have Bath and Body Works at my fingertips, I always manage to pick up enough candles as if I were stocking up for a blizzard.

My most beloved scent from Bath and Body Works is: ROSE WATER & IVY

candle, autumn, bath and body works

I absolutely can’t get enough of this one; it’s so delicate and subtle, yet after being lit for only a few minutes I can already smell the scent moving through my home. I love it because it’s not a specific scent, but rather something I can use all year.

So, if I haven’t convinced you enough yet why this store is just amazing, here are a few extra tips for shopping which may convince you more.



You will never miss a deal – even though the company sends A LOT of emails, it’s good to be in the know, especially if you are looking waiting for a deal on something.


This might be difficult because there basically is no such thing as there never being a coupon or deal for this store. So, by this I mean, always be on the lookout for coupon and deals.


Couponing has only recently become a hit in the world of shoppers; but coupons have ALWAYS been a hit for this Company. Once you’re signed up for emails you should start receiving coupon codes and discounts which you can use online or in store.


The Buy Three Get Three deal is a revelation for most of us. I mean, not only do you get three free products, but you can also stack promotions. Recently, on the B3G3 deal, I also used a 20% off coupon! SCORE!

PS: if you aren’t up for buying three products (and receiving three free) you can also buy two and get one free.


Let’s say you purchase something today and go back to the store in a week to find the price reduced. As long as you keep the receipt, the store will honor this and adjust the price you paid to the current lower price.

officially LAND OWNERS


After rigorous research and many days visiting sites, we have finally settled on the location of our first family home! We are ecstatic, as in today’s market in this City it has been very difficult to find the perfect home. I mean, it maybe isn’t that difficult if you’re just looking for a home and aren’t picky like us… but we had specifications that had to be checked off before we agreed to anything.

A few of the main factors on our list for the perfect home were location, size of lot, size of house, floor plan, and price. Since we already own a condo, we had an idea of what we want and don’t want in our next home. Of course, I’m sure there is a difference between a stand alone home and a condo, but at least we’re not completely new to owning our own place.

So far, we have visited the site twice and honestly both times it has looked exactly the same. The construction won’t start until early 2018, so not much will change anytime soon… but it still feels so exciting to see our future home location even if it’s just land!


Anything and everything F L O R A L!

I just can’t get enough; I could buy all things floral, all of the time! If it wasn’t for my husband, I think I would literally have floral everything – understand that it’s not that he won’t let me, because he literally has no limits for me, but it’s because I am a good wife, and won’t do that to him!

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, on my recent trip to the UK, I stopped into one of my favourite stores; Cath Kidston! So, what did I purchase? HA! What didn’t I purchase? Everything in that store is so tempting, its unbelievable!

After circling the store, about three times (and I visited maybe, 5 different Cath Kidston stores, and  continued this routine in each store), I finally decided on a few items:

  • Classic floral mugs
  • Mint floral soup bowls
  • Bright floral breakfast plates
  • Floral bento box set
  • Owls and Flowers iPhone case
  • pretty flower travel mug
  • body lotion and hand lotion


I’ve recently taken interest into a new theory: H Y G G E !

“Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Hygge is about being present enough to recognize and acknowledge an act, moment or feeling when the ordinary feels extraordinary.”  – quoted from Hygge House

I love how positive and realistic this theory sounds! This is exactly what we need to turn those “normal” days into extraordinary ones; to turn monotone weeks into fresh chapters.

I am currently in the process of researching this theory deeper, and am pretty sure I will have lots of posts and comments to make on this topic!

If you have any advice for me; which books to buy, where to find more information on this topic, or if you have experience or knowledge on this topic, I look forward to hearing from you!


img_4156I have always wanted a vintage teacup/mug collection, and recently, I have started fulfilling that dream. We recently received a few vintage English teacup sets; all with different patterns and designs, and I have completely fallen in love.  These pieces are the official start to my vintage collection. Above, you can see a snapshot of a few of my newest additions!

During my recent visit to Europe, I made a few more mug purchases – I just couldn’t resist the pretty floral and polish folk designs!

While in the UK, I of course had to stop in to one of my favourites; Cath Kidston, and of course purchased a few more peices – a few mugs, soup bowls and plates. All of these items of course floral explosion!

In Poland, I stocked up on all things Polish Folk – but thats a whole other post. I have to share with you all of the wonderful items I bought with my beloved Polish Folk prints!

Happy Thursday!