Chloe Inspired Outfit

One of the best things about Canada is that sometimes we get lucky and the beautiful summer weather continues on right through to October; such as today, all day it was 26 degrees Celsius!

This is one of my favorite looks for the season; thigh high boots, Chloe inspired flowy dress, leather jacket, and a wool hat!

The dress is fairly new and I’ve only worn it a few times. Though you can’t see it on these photos, it has a design embroidered all over and is a long sleeve. The sleeves also have a bit of a bell style to them, which I’m absolutely in love with this season! I purchased the dress at the GAP; one of my favorite places to shop for deals!

The boots I purchased from ASOS last year along with a few other pairs; I was on a boot hunt and decided I needed more than one pair. #typicalshopaholicmove

Now, the most important part of this outfit, THE BAG! My darling Chloe Drew; one of my 25th Birthday presents, which I purchased at the Chloe Boutique on Madison Ave – ah, NYC!

But that’s all I’ll say about the bag now; I promise to make a post about it and then I’ll give you all the beautiful details!

So anyways, hope you like the photos and outfit as much as I do!

Have a great day darlings!



Every woman should have at least, one classic pair of flats in her closet – one pair that she can wear with any outfit, day or night. My classic pair, is a classic lace up flat – I’ve had this pair for a few years now, and still love them as if they were brand new.
So, if I was to move on to my next pair or lace ups, I would opt for a pair similiar to one of these pairs – as you can tell, I would be purchasing a pair from Aquazzura. Here are my top five picks, not in any specific order, all found on one of my favourite shopping sites; the one and only Net-A-Porter! All from Aquazurra, and I managed to slip in a Fendi pair as well!


1. Aquazzura, Christy Leopard print calf hair point toe flats
2. Aquazzura, Belgravia embroidered suede flats
3. Fendi,  Embellished floral applique patent leather point toe flats
4. Aquazzura, Christy suede point toe flats
5. Aquazzura, Christy lizzard effect leather point toe flats


As you will notice, I have a weak spot for handbags – a very weak spot. A good bag is really such a charm in  your closet, as it’s one of those important accessories that can completely update or change your outfit.

Ever since my first high end designer handbag purchase, I can’t seem to control myself. My lifestyle has something to do with the fact that I can allow myself to even consider the purchase of something a bit more expensive, but that only came about recently, and I know my limits.

There is a method to my madness with these handbags, I promise.

So, I decided, once a month, I will post a “Bag of the Month“! There are so many fabulous handbags out there, I just have to share them with you.  Although, my process of choosing to purchase a new designer bag is more lengthy than a one month adoration, I always have a list of bags that I would just LOVE to get my hands on.

I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a handbag I wasn’t dreaming of…


I can’t  resist a beautiful Autumn evening;  especially when the sun is out and it’s Friday! Even though I love my job, I love my weekends more; probably because, on weekends I get to do whatever my heart desires, without a schedule! Not that I don’t like schedules, because I’m probably one of the only people who have a physical planner and use their iPhone calendar simultaneously; and let’s not even start about the organization I enforce at work… I mean, it’s my thing! 

So yesterday after we got home from a busy day of work and appointments, I decided it would be a good idea to head out for a bit, as I mentioned the weather was perfect. So of course, #happywifehappylife.

We took a drive down to Hyde Park where Marshalls recently opened; I know, I’m surprised I haven’t been there yet either.

Marshalls; a more expensive version of Winners – if you ask me.

Browsing the store I found many great designer items, with reasonable prices, but didn’t end up buying anything actually. As much as I think these kind of stores are great, I find I feel overwhelmed because there is just too much to browse. Unless I’m looking for something specific or have time to flick through every item, I tend to glide down the aisles and only let myself stop if something catches my eye.

One of the items that caught my eye last night were these pink suede booties! I mean, anything pink works for me, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for these just yet..


Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I have a pair of black leather booties that are very similiar to these pink ones; the heel, style, design… it’s probably a good think that I didn’t fall for these, for now.


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Fall is definitely my favourite season; I am the ultimate knitwear addict. I think it’s safe to say that my go-to outfit is a pair of jeans with a tunic style sweater, and a pair of booties. Of course, this go-to style can only be enforced during a few months, but I definitely try to work it into my outfits every season.

The above photos were taken a few years ago, during a beautifully sunny Canadian autumn day – oh, how I love the golden Canadian autumns! Anyways, this outfit is still one of my favourites; this plaid shirt and vest make an appearance often. Although, my Jeffrey Campbells haven’t been out in a while, I still love them.

Maybe I’ll have to bring them back out soon, and style them with an updated outfit?



img_0147I have been blogging for many years now – I wrote my first post back in 2009. Though I have not been very active lately, and may not publish all of my posts, I still like to consider myself a blogger. Well, it’s time to change that – I’m excited to be getting back into it. Even though this is a very busy time in my life, I just can’t sit still without a blog any longer.

Before I start posting new photos and styles, I’d like to look back on my earlier blogging years, for my blog World Haus Fashion. This was such a fun and exciting time in my life, but it also taught me many lessons – which I am grateful for. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.



Looking through all of my photos taken for World Haus Fashion really puts a smile on my face. I love seeing how my style has evolved, and all of the different trends I’ve tried. Since I have so many photos from our sessions throughout the years, I’ve decided that every now and then I will post photos from one of these shoots.

Continue reading “WHF EDITION #1”


How many bloggers do we have out there? Countless! The blogosphere is exploding with all around fashion guru’s – its great! Seriously, it’s so refreshing to see all the talent, that prior to this blogging invasion was hidden.  There is so much potential on this planet, so many diverse viewpoints and ideas, it’s so great to see it all coming out.

I myself am not new to this entire blogger world. Back in 2009 I too was a beginner in this universe. One Sunday evening I handed my boyfriend (who is now my husband!) a camera and said, let’s go for a walk, and that’s how it all started. By the next Sunday I was World Haus Fashion – a blog about fashion.

Working part-time at a fashion retailer, and continuing my education full time only pushed my deeper into my blogging. My blog quickly became more than just a hobby, everything I did, I related back to my blog and shared it with my readers – my posts were heavily focused on fashion, but readers got a feel of my passion for travel in the midst of it all as well.

Five years flew by, I captured so many of my outfits, inspirations, and observations on this site – it was like my child, growing up, developing new styles, seeing the changes, right before my eyes.

Then I was faced with a decision,  I had to chose between my blogging, or my future. Someone had hacked into my account, and removed all of my photos… Where was I without my photos… It was time to grow up anyways, so I decided to find myself a full time job, which left me minimal time for my blog. I started posting less because I just did not have the time for it anymore…

So here I am, I am not “another blogger”. I am one of the original girls who started blog when blogs were “a nobody”.  I know that I will not be able to as as active on this blog as i used to, or would like to, but I will try my best.

Taking a different approach this time around, I’m starting a new lifestyle; The Prettier Life lifestyle.



The Prettier Life –  in other words, it’s always about the prettier things in life, or so we’d like to think. Personally,  I like to think that there is beauty in everything, and everyone. I also like to think that I am a glass-half-full type of person, with an enthusiastic personality, with a constant positive vibe. Truth is, I’m human, and like everyone and everything, we sometimes have our flaws. it’s just the reality of life.

So, for my own good, I have created this “Prettier Life Lifestyle”, I’d like to try to stick to. Prettier everything! From fashion, to fitness, beauty to health, and everything else in between – we see it how we want to see it,  let’s make it all just that much prettier.