“Posts about fashion are great and all, but people enjoy reading the REAL stories; they want see reality, not the “instagram edited version” of life that we all seem to believe is true.”

That statement really hit it home for me. As we got talking more about this, I honestly started thinking about this and how I definitely don’t want to be one of the “instagram edited versions” of myself. I write and share things because a) I am genuinely interested in the topic and want to speak about it, and/or b) it is something I am going through and feel that if I share it, it will either inspire, help, or just interest someone. I truly do try to be genuine in what I share with you all – on all aspects of my social media from my blog, to Instagram and Twitter.

I mean, what’s the point of writing things just to write things. I don’t have all the time in the world to sit around and mindlessly write posts about random things I have minimal interest in. My reality is like many of yours; I work full time, I have a home to take care of {and that comes with a huge list of “to-do’s” on its own}, I’m married, which means I have a relationship I care deeply about and want to dedicate time to, AND, I will soon be a mama for the first time. Therefore, no time for writing just to write. I write with purpose.

The last post I wrote; Finding Yourself sparked this discussion between my husband and I. He read the post, turned to me and said, “YES, this is what you need to share and write about – reality. The real life things that happen. What you’re going through. That’s what people want to read”.

Well, thanks babe, I really do appreciate the support and truthfulness.

You know what, I totally agree. There are SO many sources for fashion advice, coming from actual experts. The truth is, I do see the value in writing about REAL moments and real life events; it’s obvious in the numbers. Now don’t get me wrong, I will still share fashion advice here and there because who are we kidding, I LOVE IT, but I definitely want to try to open up a bit more on a personal level. There really is a lot happening in my life that would be fun to share and write about. I guess I just never thought that it would be something I wanted to share – but now I’m thinking I do.

Is there anything specific you want me to share/write about? Let’s see where these thoughts take me…


About a year ago we decided we were *ready* to become parents; or at least that it was something we were both finally ready to start thinking about more seriously. I’m saying it this way, because you should know that since Day 1 we were both of the “corporate mindset” and all we thrived for was growing our careers, travelling the world, and {mostly in my case} splurging on designer items. We always thought we would settle in a cozy condo in the heart of a big city; work at multinational corporate giants, travel the world, and be completely satisfied with our lifestyle.

I’m not quite sure what changed and how it changed, but a few years ago I felt the need to stop chasing these big city dreams; I learned a few things about these giants that deterred my interest in participation. The working 10-hour day lifestyle no longer appealed to me, unless I was working for myself, building my own brand and business. I slowly started changing my mentality and visions of the future I wanted.

My husband on the other hand, was having the time of his life with the company he was with, growing and developing each year into a new more advanced role – he knew exactly where he was headed, and was already aiming for his “retirement position”. My change of mentality didn’t interfere with his drive, it actually strengthened it.

We sat down one evening and really dug deep into what it was that we were looking for in our future careers, in comparison to where we were currently headed. I’m pretty sure we actually found the answer that night. It was sitting infront of us for some time now, and all we had to realize was; “what is holding us back”. Once that question was answered {which was a pretty obvious “nothing”} we went into action.

This change, and finally being able to let go of the “this is what you should do” mentality really set us free; in so many ways. Free to fly at our own pace, free to find our true selves; and free to grow in a different, more suitable for us, direction. I feel like this change gave us both a new mindset, a different perceptive, and allowed us to realize that what we thought we wanted, wasn’t really it anymore. We were both so caught up in driving towards that main goal that we forgot to go back and evaluate its validity in present time.

Moving to a new city gave us clarity, energy, and time. All to find ourselves once more.

So, going back to the beginning of this article, only a year ago did we finally find that “sweet spot” of what it really is that we want in life. Actually, it’s a complete opposite of what we wanted originally. We are now determined to live outside of the city, build a house on a large spacious lot, and we no longer chase those “corporate dreams”. The travel and wanderlust will never leave us though, and there are still so many places we want to travel to – but that’s all in due time. The focus now is to live, the life we want.

It’s been a year since we made this change, and I haven’t stopped smiling about it since. This has truly been the most refreshing and positive experience that could have happened to us. It’s incredible that it took us this long to realize it, but I guess that’s part of the adventure. Everything happens for a reason.

Remember, it’s never too late to reevaluate your goals, make changes, big or small, and find your true self and happiness. We owe ourselves that; don’t we?


The Prettier Life started as a lifestyle blog where I promised to talk about all things fashion, travel, health, fitness, literature and more. I actually did not anticipate to be building another huge aspect of my life into it – which is this little bundle of joy we have created! I now understand that it’s only natural to share this part, as it’s now (I’d say) one of the BIGGEST aspects of my lifestyle – of the theory of The Prettier Life.

I guess I’ve always admired and followed social media moms/families, but I just didn’t realize that when my time came, I would want to join them. I mean, I’m having so much fun finding inspiration from moms/family social media accounts, that I decided I just have to get on board too. I do have to admit that this final push to take my blog in this direction was because of a good friend of mine. It’s incredible how in one conversation we can share thousands of ideas, build on theories we’ve been sitting on, and change them into a realistic action plans. I’m so grateful to have someone so motivated and inspired in my life! I urge you to find yourself a friend like that!

I’d like to tell you what I’ll sharing on here through this journey, but I don’t even think I really fully know myself what it will be. This is all so new for me, and I really want a piece of everything. I think we will just have to see how it goes, and you will probably get a dose of a little bit of everything and anything that comes to mind. I’m sure things will just fall into place on the blog, as they have been falling into place with my pregnancy – no pressure on anything, and life has just taken me by the hand and has been leading me week by week.

Be sure to check out my Instagram page, as I already know I’ll be posting polls and questions (because of course, there are hundreds of things I have questions about) and I’d love your feedback and advice.

#PregnancyWorld + #MamaToBe + #Motherhood lets connect!


By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of my love for shoes – designer shoes. This season, the designs have reached another level for me. There are so many amazing pairs of shoes out there right now that it was really quite a difficult decision to make as to which ones to talk about first. But, here we are: DIOR MULES you have caught my heart.

Honestly, I think every celebrity and influencer owns a pair of these at this point, and the fashion house continues to make more; different designs and colours! The more reason to add to the collection.

When I shared a poll of my favourites on Instagram I got an interesting response – you loved all of them! There was a pretty equal split between each of the pairs I chose, which goes to show that there is really something for everyone when it comes to these slides! Good job DIOR!

So, let’s talk price point – are these affordable or more of a splurge purchase?

Well, that of course depends on how much you are wanting and willing to spend on a pair of summer shoes. If you live in a warmer climate and can wear these all year round, it might be a great investment for you, but if you live in Canada where we only get about a few months of hot summer days, maybe the price point isn’t so much on your side.

If you are travelling this summer, here’s my breakdown of the different price points of these mules in various locations (and the benefits you can take advantage of, for shopping in other countries):

CountryPrice PointCAD ExchangeKeep in mind…
United States$650 – $690$870 – $925*Taxes not included; as they vary per state.
Don’t forget potential import fees!
United Kingdom£490 – £540$822 – $906Shop at the airport! Remember to claim your
VAT return which may be up to 20%!
Italy €550 – €580$822 – $870Counts for any country using EURO. Remember to
claim your VAT return which may be up to 20%

The next question: are they even comfortable?

That’s a good question, and again, completely personal preference. You’d hope that for that type of price point a shoe would be comfortable, but if you think about it, many of these high end designer shoes are really not that comfortable, and really just a fashion statement more than anything.

If you’re comfortable in flats, these will work for you. There is a tiny “heel” on these shoes, but basically barely enough to make you feel it at all. So, let’s just call them flats. The single strap made of soft cotton and is a decent width size to keep the slide on your foot; basically like any other slide out there in that style. The cotton material definitely makes the shoe more comfortable, especially in the hot summer, in comparison to, for example leather.

So, in conclusion, there are a lot of pros and cons with these depending on what you’re looking for. The question remains; are these a seasonal piece or will these become a classic?

*Photo Credits: Damsel in Dior &


If there was one designer I would have to wear forever, it would definitely be ZIMMERMAN. Each season, I browse through the collections, staring at each piece thinking “I’d wear that”. Is that even possible? To fall in love with every single piece? In my relationship with Zimmerman the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

Honestly, I don’t have a single Zimmerman piece, because well, who are we kidding, the prices are a bit higher than what I would like to spend on a piece of clothing like a dress or blouse… BUT one day, I will find that perfect piece and make the investment to buy my first Zimmerman piece. I promise you that.

Okay, let’s have a look at some of my favourite pieces:

// Verity Gathered Yoke Dress, $950 // Goldie Scallop Short Dress, $750 //

// Goldie Spliced Frill Top, $480 // Goldie Spliced Frill Short, $375 // Goldie Spliced Short Dress, $850 //

// Honour Pintuck Panelled Dress, $1150 // Zippy Frill Dress, $795 (now $565) //


Finally the time has come; TOUS is having a sale! I have been eyeing quite a few items of theirs for some time now, so I am super happy to announce this! Although, there is one trick – the sale is only on in POLAND right now. I’m not sure if it will be worldwide or in other countries after this (I assume it will) but hopefully at least some of you are able to take advantage of this.

The sale encompasses most jewelry with a discount of 20% plus an extra 10% if you purchase 2 or more items and 30% on handbags and accessories. The sale goes until June 16, and is available both online and in stores.

So what’s on my wish list you ask; here it is:

Hello Summer!

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that it’s finally summertime and the temperatures are in the (positive) double digits! I feel like I’ve frozen deep into my bones this winter, and I’ve definitely had enough.

I know I disappeared from the blog for a few months, and each time I come back I say it’s because LOTS has been going on, but this time, there really has been a HUGE life changing event in our lives… if you’ve been following my instagram (@theprettierlife) you may have seen the exciting news that…


Our little family is growing in the most wonderful way, and we are so excited to be on this journey. I’d say we’ve been planning and prepping for a year – in a way. I’ve been doing research and trying to become my healthiest and best self; meaning getting into healthy habits and routines. So, here we go; our biggest life project!

So, I’m hoping to share more of this journey with you here on the blog, and also on Instagram. Also, if you have any advice for us, please do share!