When I get asked questions like “what are your goals for this year” or “what are you hoping to achieve this year“, my answer always leads back to that one word I LOVE referring back to; my favourite word to use and describe all things in life, my answer to everything positive and good: H A P P I N E S S !

My goal is to be HAPPY; everything positive and inspirational in my life I attribute to that one powerful word: Happiness. I want to achieve Happiness; because all good things fall under that category.

H A P P I N E S S ! My goal is to be HAPPY; everything positive and inspirational in my life I attribute to that one powerful word: Happiness. I want to achieve Happiness; because all good things fall under that category.

“Happiness to me is something more than just a feeling; it’s a state of mind”

If you’ve been reading my posts and following my social media sites, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I try to thrive on this concept of Happiness. I feel that over the last few years there have been so many ups and downs; truly high highs and very low lows, and this word has been the one concept I’ve been able to grasp onto for that motivation to stay true to myself; what I want in life; and what I will work towards to build that positive and determined future for myself.

Happiness to me is something more than just a feeling; it’s a state of mind – a state I like to believe I’m in, and I’m working towards fully converting myself into. Happiness encompasses all things in life; the moments, the feelings, the situation, actions and reactions. Happiness is just one word which opens up an entire world of positive aspects. Happiness is defined as all things good, positive, healthy, inspirational, etc.


Imagine an organizational chart; the hierarchy of a business. The EVP sitting on top, the next level down, the SVP, and the next level down, the VP’s. Now take this visualization and place HAPPINESS into the EVP position. This is how my mind builds this THEORY OF HAPPINESS for me. The SVP and VP positions can now be whatever you want them to be – anything that makes you happy, put a smile on your face, keeps you motivated, and builds + maintains that positive momentum.

If you’re interested in in creating a THEORY OF HAPPINESS Organizational Chart of your own and need some more guidance; let me know to help you to get you started. Feel free to make it your own; add blocks, colour, or anything else you feel will help you build this concept and make it successful for you. By all means, maybe your “SVP” isn’t happiness but something else; maybe it’s SUCCESS or MOTIVATION; it can be anything you want it to be. But, make sure it’s something you can build on. The main idea of this is to grow on a personal level + progress towards the kind of person you want to be, the life you want to live, and the direction you want to move towards.

Finally, I’d LOVE to see your Organizational Charts! I find so much inspiration and motivation from others; it’s a great way to build up your own goals + concepts. If you’re comfortable with it, send me your charts – I’d love to connect and share inspiration!



I’m not going to lie; Ottawa has been VERY COLD! We’ve been dealing with negative temperatures every day (and night) and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. I’m not complaining though so don’t get me wrong, I’m just stating the obvious and preparing anyone who plans on visiting the area. It really is COLD. But hey, I’ve been warned.

As long as you’re dressed right, it’s really not that bad though. The trick is though, to truly be dressed right. A simple warm jacket and warmer pants really don’t do the trick anymore; especially if you’re planning on being outdoors.

I can’t say that I’m a pro at dressing for this weather, but I now do know a thing or two about actually staying warm during these freeeeeezing Ottawa days.


I remember as a teenager the priority for my winter jacket was how it looked, and how I looked in it. There was no way I was going to look “fat” in a coat! Fast forward a few years and my mentality changed drastically. The priority in the jacket was that it was long, puffy, and thick! My coat now HAS to be either to my knees or longer. With a few hits and misses I’ve finally nailed it down to TWO of my favorite most reliable winter coats; the Bancroft Park from TNA at Aritzia, or generally any winter coat from Canada Goose! The difference with choice being the price point. The Canada Goose coats are a bit expensive but if you think of the cost per wear; especially in colder climates, it really makes it worth it. I would definitely both of these options fairly equally.


I’ve always loved hats and mitts but again, they mostly always were just for “looks”. Now it’s about practicality, comfort, warmth, AND still the look. Last year I found a nice pair of mitts at Chapters – Indigo which I loved! This year, right before the cold weather started I went straight for the source and picked up an entire set – mitts, hat, and scarf. Unfortunately the scarf was a tad bit too short for my liking so I returned that, but I kept the mitts and hat (and actually went back and bought them in another color. There are so many different brands and places you can find accessories, so it really just matters how they’re made and if they’re lined! As long as they have some sort of lining you should be okay. The important part here is to always remember to wear them! If you remember to put your hat and mitts on before you go outside your body will retain its warm temperature for longer; therefore not letting you get too cold too fast.


UGGs have always been a big part of my winter wardrobe but once it gets slushy and wet… and the temperature drops to negative 10 (without windchill) something much warmer is needed. A few years ago I came across this realization and went on the hunt for an even warmer pair of boots. Finally, I found the Sorel brand and a pair which I actually thought would work for me (see the post HERE )! So, here we are now, living in Ottawa, with these freezing temperatures, and these boots are PERFECTION! The Sorel Joan of Arctic boots now come in so many different colors and are available in many stores. I HIGHLY recommend these boots for winter!!


This is self explanatory – when it’s below zero and you plan on being outside for a longer period of time, a pair of jeans will most likely not do the trick. Layers are my trick – thermal leggings for starters, and thermal turtlenecks to keep your neck and chest warm. OR you can go a different route and just put in a pair of “snow pants” and those will keep you warm definitely!


This is a new tactic I’ve taken in recently – if you think happy warm thoughts you will be warmer. I once went outside thinking “omg it’s freezing and I’m frozen already this will be horrible”… and of course I was! Next time, I though, it won’t be that bad, I’m dressed in warm clothes, I won’t feel a thing”. Surely enough, it wasn’t THAT bad! Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress warm and think warm thoughts and assume that will work, because it won’t. The happy warm thoughts only help in the process of stepping into the cold and adjusting your body.

Stay warm friends!

HELLO 2019

Time flies – I can’t believe it’s already 2019. I honestly feel like it was just Christmas 2017 and we were on our Louisiana/Tennessee adventure. I can still smell the pulled pork at Jack’s Bar-B-Que in Nashville! YUM!

Now is the time to look back on this last year; smile at all of the memories, grow in the changes, and evolve from our weaknesses.

To sum it up, 2018 was an absolutely crazy year for us; so many things happened and so many big things changed. I remember, sitting in a hotel in Nashville when I decided that it was going to be the year of “The Prettier Life”. I was going to make things happen, move ahead on a few ongoing projects, and rebuild and strengthen my happiness. That was the overall goal for myself.  I think I has been pretty effective with my goal and I’ve accomplished many of the things that were on my list. We definitely got our fair share of travelling in, and we made a huge life change by moving to a new city and literally starting a new life.

2018 at a Glance

Travel : We added a few new destinations to our map, but also got to visit a few favourites again! Birmingham, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Cancun, Mexico; Scottsdale, Arizona; London, UK  – 3X; Wroclaw, Poland – 2X; Paslek, Poland – 2X; Sopot, Poland – 2X; Gdansk, Poland – 2X; Warsaw, Poland ; Lisbon, Portugal; Montreal, Quebec.

Lifestyle: First we bought some land, and then we bought a house project… but THEN we moved to a different City altogether. Unfortunately, all of that time spent on searching for the best land and then the house project will now be no good to us, as we have no plans on moving back to London to live in this house. On the other hand, Ottawa has been an absolute blast and we have completely fallen in love with this City. I can comfortably and proudly say that Ottawa is my home and I am beyond happy that we live here.

This move to Ottawa has also brought on a new mindset for me; a clear and fresh vision for a brighter future. During the first few months here, we were able to literally have a mini vacation from life; I was just starting to look for a new job, and my husband was going through training in his new role. This gave us the opportunity to really spend more real time together; cooking, exploring, and truly just living life to the fullest. I don’t remember a time before this where we actually had nothing going on and had that time for one another. It was actually the most perfect 5 months of my life. All of this, anticipating the fact that this would most likely be the one and only time we would have like this, so we of course used it to the fullest. Now we are both working non-stop full time, and it’s back to that “regular-programing” schedule. Which we are fine with; it’s what keeps us motivated and growing.

Overall, the year has been one like no other – we enjoyed every minute of it, and I feel so thankful for each and every day and moment. Everything that happened this year, both good, bad, scary, exciting, has all taught me something – which I am grateful for.

We already have a few exciting plans for 2019; a few projects, trips, and general plans – I can’t wait to see what this new year brings!

I wish you all a wonderful new year; a fresh start and outlook. May you all come one step closer to achieving your dearest and most magical dreams!