If you’ve been following the PFW stories recently then I’m sure you’ve heard all about the crisis unfolding in regards to CÉLINE {or should I say Celine}.

First off, my opinion is definitely not as strong as many others on this subject matter {as I really haven’t invested in the brands products yet..} – but I’d definitely say that I was a Céline follower and I love(d) the brand; the ready to wear collections were right up my alley, and I felt I could always find inspiration in the styles.

First, let’s recap what happened.

In a nutshell; Phoebe Philo left the brand and Hedi Slimane {coming from Saint Laurent} became the Creative Director for the brand. Small changes started occurring; such as the removal of the accent in the E in CÉLINE, which threw the fashion world into alarm mode. THEN, the runway show occurred, and the fashion world went into crisis mode.

So here we are now; hours after the SS19 show at Paris Fashion Week… and there are SO many opinions floating around; but to be honest, I’m mostly hearing and reading negative opinions. People are disappointed at the major change in the style of the collection; going from an empowering modern feminine style to mini skirts + sequins confused and angered long time Céline fans – no kidding!  Let’s compare:





The major change from one collection to the other is the basic fact of vibe that has been created. Philo worked hard to promote a minimalistic; modern; “all and any woman can wear” style, which didn’t involve the pressures of showing off legs or tight silhouettes. This sense of style guided and empowered everyday females to build their wardrobes based on comfort and class. Enter Slimane. Looking at the SS19 show I no longer feel modern and classy; but rather “Saturday night luxy club scene” + “mandated trend follower”. All of the modern comfort has disappeared and been replaced with the street style curse and pressure to be on trend.

Now, these changes could be as a result of a few factors; the fact that we are looking at trends and styles from a year apart and the fact that the Director is now different.  BUT; a fashion houses signature style and tone of collection should not change THAT drastically from season to season no matter what the trends are calling for that year.

Either way, I think my final call on this is that I’m sad and disappointed. I’m sad that the fashion house now has an entirely different sense and feel. I had such respect for the brand because it kept to clean lines and simpler modern styles – and now that this has changed, I’m not so sure I’m happy about it either. After analyzing and comparing I think I’m starting to understand and agree with the term of “Celine Funeral” that has been floating around…

The question now is; are we supposed to go out and start buying all things Céline pre SS19? Will these pre SS19 pieces become vintage + highly wanted items in a few years? Will this affect the pricing of the pre SS19 pieces? I don’t know if I have the answers to these questions but I’m definitely searching for them!

What are your thoughts on the changes?


It’s been a while since I’ve written a “Designer Diary Series” post. It’s been quite the busy month and I haven’t really had a moment to sit down and really pour some thought into a post, so I thought it was a good time to post this one; that a wrote a while back. It’s all fully relevant, as it’s a continuation of my designer purchase journey!


It all started like any other designer item. I see a specific piece, fall in love with it, do extensive research on it, and then make my purchase. Although this one started off like any other, it developed into something much bigger.

I first laid eyes on the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers, like many other things, on Instagram. I follow many different accounts of individuals all over the country, as I like to gather my style inspiration from the global perspective – I find this to be most impactful and influential. I believe they caught my eye at first, simply because they looked much different than your average white sneaker – and I was on a mission to find the perfect white sneaker, without falling in line with everyone else. What can I say, I don’t like to follow trends, I like to fall in love with trends which I can relate to and wear over and over again.


After doing my research on these shoes on social media; I wanted to get a true and natural view of what they looked like in real life first, not just on the brands website, I ventured off to the brand itself. This is where I was able to get a better look into the make, design, quality, and of course, the brand’s story behind them. Obviously, I fell more and more in love with them with every page I opened and browsed. Next, the time came to actually go into a store and physically try them on and analyze them – clearly the most important step. I usually like to save this one for last, because I think I’m scared I’ll try it on first and convince myself I need the item, when in fact, background research will prove that I in fact don’t, and it’s not that great or worth it.

Anyways, I walked in to the store, asked for a 38.5 and 39 of the lace up white with light blue suede model. Both pairs were brought out, I started with the 38.5, and as soon as I had slipped on the first shoe, I knew we were meant to be. I followed with the second, and walked over to the mirror – SOLD, I NEED THEM. I WILL NEVER TAKE THEM OFF. I was stunned at how comfortable and cute they were, clearly all the research was worth it and I had not wasted my time! I put them back in the box, thanked the sales associate, and walked out of the store with a smile. JACKPOT. Now, it was time to find them for the best price possible – it just feels better when you can buy an item with some sort of sale or discount. I searched far and wide, and made up my mind that I would purchase them in England, where I would save 20% on VAT on my departure. This trip was planned for  May 2018, it was at this point, June 2017. I’ll wait it out, it’ll feel great, I convinced myself.

In September 2017, my husband and I travelled to California for a family reunion on the west coast. One lovely sunny Californian afternoon in Los Angeles, my husband decided we should go for a drive…so here we are, driving down the enticing Melrose Ave, we drive by the Alexander McQueen store, my heart starts beating faster, he turn the corner and into a private parking lot, and parks the car. My mind is racing, “have we just parked in the Alexander McQueen parking lot? What are we doing here?” What a silly question that was. I have the best husband in the world of course! We walked into the store, and naturally walked over to the footwear section right away. I died for a second and went to heaven; I can’t recall my exact emotions because I was literally on cloud nine the entire time; champagne included. Needless to say, I walked out of the store with my FIRST PAIR OF ALEXANDER MCQUEEN OVERSIZED SNEAKERS! Since the store carried every single colour possible, my colour options were unlimited (unlike department stores I visited before), and I chose the white with grey suede! I still get butterflies with I think back to this moment! Unfortunately to my theories, I didn’t get them on sale or with any other discount, but I think this makes them even more special – plus, they will always remind me of that California trip!


It might not be a big deal; it’s just a pair of sneakers really, why all the excitement, but to me, it’s HUGE. It’s something I have been researching and thinking about for months. I don’t take my designer splurges lightly, and I want to be conscious of my purchases on various levels.

So, why am I sharing this story, well simply because HAPPINESS should be shared; it motivates and inspires. I love designer items, like many others, but the manner in which I go about purchasing them has become a sort of practice or theory – I’m not spoiled and I work for my designer items, so when spending my hard earned funds, I need to be 100% certain that I will LOVE my items and be fully satisfied with my purchase. It’s an art, as my husband calls it. I fully agree.

It’s the best feeling in the world.



It’s a natural fact for humans; once the weather starts to cool down and that summer breeze turns into an Autumn rustling of leaves, this need of a cozy sweater and scented candle overtakes us. How EXCITING!?

Although candles can be (and are) lit all year round, there’s just something that must be stronger within us that makes us want to light pretty scented candles in the Fall and Winter months. The advertisements have started to target us; candle obsessed people, and have begun pushing the Fall scents out. So, now that it’s out there, let’s talk about it!

There are many stores which sell beautiful Autumn candles and I literally fall in love with them all, but there is one location which I have shopped at for many years and have never been disappointed; both quality and price wise. BATH AND BODY WORKS!

The 3-wick candles have been a standard in my home (and all my relative’s homes now – you’re welcome) for many years now. Not only are the candles a great price (you can basically always find some type of coupon or deal for them), but the packaging is SO PRETTY. They are ideal for decorating your own home, and are great as gifts as well.

I recently realized my candle stock was running low, and of course, took myself right to Bath and Body Works without hesitation. The moment I stepped into the store, I was literally overtaken by the delicious smell of all things A U T U M N: which include of course; Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, Pecan PieCranberry, Caramel, and many other mixtures. The store associate asked me politely “what brings me in today and if there is anything she can help me with”. I answered both as calmly as I could (I was experiencing massive amounts of excitement and just wanted to start my browsing adventure).

Of course, being the Type-A personality that I am, I was already aware of the deals in store and already knew what I would be walking out with. I’m pretty sure I actually let her know about this at the beginning of our conversation as well. After what felt like forever, I was alone and in my own Autumn world; finally browsing the store and touching basically everything; like a kid in a candy store.

Although I ADORE all things Autumn and could sniff those Pumpkin and Cinnamon candles all day, I actually don’t ever end up buying any; okay, maybe just one or two. The ones that draw my attention the most are always the most delicate and floral scented ones – yes, even for the Fall and Winter months. Even though I have Bath and Body Works at my fingertips, I always manage to pick up enough candles as if I were stocking up for a blizzard.

My most beloved scent from Bath and Body Works is: ROSE WATER & IVY

candle, autumn, bath and body works

I absolutely can’t get enough of this one; it’s so delicate and subtle, yet after being lit for only a few minutes I can already smell the scent moving through my home. I love it because it’s not a specific scent, but rather something I can use all year.

So, if I haven’t convinced you enough yet why this store is just amazing, here are a few extra tips for shopping which may convince you more.



You will never miss a deal – even though the company sends A LOT of emails, it’s good to be in the know, especially if you are looking waiting for a deal on something.


This might be difficult because there basically is no such thing as there never being a coupon or deal for this store. So, by this I mean, always be on the lookout for coupon and deals.


Couponing has only recently become a hit in the world of shoppers; but coupons have ALWAYS been a hit for this Company. Once you’re signed up for emails you should start receiving coupon codes and discounts which you can use online or in store.


The Buy Three Get Three deal is a revelation for most of us. I mean, not only do you get three free products, but you can also stack promotions. Recently, on the B3G3 deal, I also used a 20% off coupon! SCORE!

PS: if you aren’t up for buying three products (and receiving three free) you can also buy two and get one free.


Let’s say you purchase something today and go back to the store in a week to find the price reduced. As long as you keep the receipt, the store will honor this and adjust the price you paid to the current lower price.



I always get so excited for this month, basically because this is the  start of the Fall season for me. Every September, for as long as I can remember, I would review my clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, and start thinking about Fall and Winter wear and outfits.  AUTUMN is my absolute favourite time of the year – everything from the golden leaves on trees, to the fashion, and of course the food!

Of course Autumn officially begins on September 22, which is basically the end of the month, I still love to make my Summer to Fall transition at the beginning of the month. The more opportunity to wear and shop sweaters and booties, the better.

This month on The Prettier Life you’ll be able to find posts on Style and Shopping Guides, Autumn City Guide Activities, a Book Review, and of course, some motivational words straight from my honest heart.

Here’s a sneak peek of some topics I’ll be sharing with you this month:

  • Autumn Scents – Shopping Guide to Fall Candles
  • Booties and Boots – My favourite’s for the upcoming Season
  • My Beloved Wool Fedora Collection
  • Apple Picking – Where to go and what to do with the apples afterwards.
  • International Coffee Day!