“People make time for what matters to them” – Emily Giffin

Picking up this book, I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down or get it out of my mind until I finished it. Just like that, I finished the book in two straight days, and I’m still thinking about it. It’s not surprising, as all of Emily Giffin’s books do that to me; the story pulls me in and I can’t stop reading to find out what will happen next.

All we ever wanted in a non-fiction story told from the viewpoints of the three main characters:

  • Nina: The wife of Kirk and the mother of Finch. Born and raised in a small town, before moving away for college, and then falling in love and marrying Kirk; and into the Nashville Elite.
  • Tom: Just a Nashville boy who fell head over heels for a beautiful girl at a bar. The pair had a daughter, Lyla, who Tom is now the sole guardian of, and struggling to keep up with the teenage drama which comes with growing up.
  • Lyla: It all starts with Lyla – just living out her teenage girl ways until she finds herself in a troubling situation.


One City | Two Sources | Three Worlds

The overall plot of the story entices readers on learning one of life’s most important lessons; that sometimes thing’s aren’t what they seem. Each of the main characters face their own fears and come to life-changing realizations. Without saying too much.



When I pick up books like this; a mix of lifestyle drama and potential romantic engagements, I usually don’t assume that I will learn a lesson along the way. This changed with this book; I think Emily told a great story and defined a very important message with her story. Now that I think about it, she often does that in her books; without being too pushy and aggressive, the reader is able to read between the lines and figure it out. I love a good non-fiction story as much as the next person. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who asks about it.


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