new MONTH + new CITY + new BAG

This months BAG OF THE MONTH comes from a brand that I personally have not invested in for quite some time; nothing against the brand,  it’s just that nothing specifically caught my eye there.

Last weekend, when my mom was here visiting we skipped over to the outlets (which are conveniently located about 5 minutes driving time away from my home – coincident? I think not!). We did our usual round through Saks, Coach, etc, and came across Michael Kors. Before I even walked in I saw the big sale signs;  that was a strong strategy of pulling me into the store as well, along with my mom who LOVES the brand and never misses a chance to visit their stores.

As they say; when you know, you know. Well I knew right away when I saw this bag that it was perfect and I needed it. It’s funny because it was placed on a shelf by the back wall, meaning I had to pass three table displays (and a handful of customers) to get to it.  But I knew. Once I got to it and picked it up to examine it, my face lit up – my eyes and intuition never fools me. The bag was perfect! The leather immaculate; grainy and firm, the hardware; silver and delicate, and to top it off; it had two handles and a long strap – PERFECT.

Once my mom noticed that she lost me to the back wall of the store she rushed over to see th gem I found. Of course, she fell in love with it just as quickly as I did. There was no other option left, I was getting these bags for us. We both decided on the color we wanted immediately and made the purchase.

So, I am now the proud owner of the navy blue with silver hardware Mercer and my mom the pastel pink with gold hardware Mercer bags!


H E L L O from OTTAWA!

Although our home is not entirely complete yet, I wanted to share a few photos of our place! The first photo is of our main dining room area. The space overlooks green space and a little lake. The flooring is a hardwood in a dusty grey tone; which looks amazing against the white furniture. The mirror sitting on the cabinets will most likely be hung on that wall, but we are still debating what to do in that little corner. The curtains were a quick purchase from Ikea, but I think they are perfect! The colours in the pattern are light grey, dark grey, and mustard yellow – so, all of my favourites for interior design.


This area is my little library/reading nook; or so I like to call it. It’s also my dads favourite spot in the house (probably because he loves books just as much as I do…). I haven’t been able to organize my books yet (yes, I put them in a specific order), but this is most likely what this shelf will look like.  Again, we are debating on handing the frames, but aren’t quite sure yet.  The curtains are the same ones as in the previous photo – I fell in love with them and just couldn’t resist putting them up in a few windows. The chair is still missing my cozy white reading blanket; which is currently in the washing machine.


Another one of my favourite areas of this house is the second bathroom upstairs; which I have entirely taken over and will be using as my own. I have organized each drawer for a different purpose of my cosmetic routine; facial care, makeup, hair products, and nail product. There are also another cabinet to the left which holds my remaining “necessities” and really just extra items. If there is some interest, I will do a review of my favourite products in these drawers in a later post sometime.


Bedroom #1 – of course, in a warm mustard yellow accent colour. There really isn’t must more to this room at the moment.


My wardrobe – obviously we had to find a house that would allow me to have an entire room to use as my closet. The scary part is, that I still need more space for all my things, and all of my footwear is actually in the guest room, but, this will have to do for now. This room is also not finished yet, so here’s just a sneak peek of one corner of it.


There are still many areas of this house that I need to finish organizing, and maybe then I’ll be able to show more photos. We’ll see how much time I have on my hands though.


Oh, that beautiful word we all love to hear: S A L E!

Yes, the sales have started; in stores and online and it’s not even officially summer yet! How lucky are we? Well, maybe not out wallets but our fashion obsessed souls. Here’s my list of a few splurge worthy designer finds from the Net-A-Porter sales I’ve found so far, that are tempting me.

| 1. Chloe Pixie Bag: $1,660 – $1,162 (Net-A-Porter) | 2. Chloe Faye Backpack: $1,980 – $1,386 (Net-A-Porter) | 3. Saint Laurent monogrammed Bag: $2,030 – $1,421 (Net-A-Porter) | 4. Chloe Nile Bag: $1,810 – $1,267 (Net-A-Porter) |

| 5. Golden Goose Sneakers: $610 – $305 (Net-A-Porter) | 6. Alexander Wang Denim Slippers: $595 – $297 (Net-A-Porter) | 7. Aquazzura Leather Espadrilles: $540 – $324 (Net-A-Porter) | 8. Vetements Ankle Boots: $1,890 – $945 (Net-A-Porter) |


As we’re settling in to our new City, we are trying to explore local areas as well; I’d say we equally love the countryside and the City.

This past weekend, we decided to check out a town near us called Carp; it was recommended to us by my husbands colleague, who mentioned a great little farmers market which happens every Saturday from 8am-1pm from May until October. Of course that caught our attention; we’re all for supporting local!


It was no surprise that this was an amazing market; there were so many local vendors with organic food options, plants and herbs, and local handmade products such as soaps!

In addition to the farmers market, across the street we stumbled upon the prettiest coffee shop called Alice’s Village Cafe – I’m sure I looked like a total tourist with the amount of photos I was snapping! Pure wooden furniture (including old church pews) offered comfy seating for the customers, raw metal and unique lighting fixtures added the perfect hygge glow, and green plants decorated tables and walls – this place is just dreamy!



I would definitely recommend this town to visitors; especially the farmers market and Alice’s Village Cafe. I’m sure we will visit it again sometime soon and will check out some new spots which then I’ll be able to share with you!

Happy Weekend!


Things are constantly changing in our lives; small or big, there is always something happening. About two months ago, my husband and I made one of the biggest deicsions possible – we decded to take a job opportunity in a different city; 6 hours away from our family!

Looking at it from both perspectives; a) it doesnt seem like a big deal, what’s a six hour drive, but on the other hand, b) it’s a huge difference from having both sets of parents 5 minutes away… nevertheless, we decided to go for it.

So, two months have passed;  54 boxes and 22 pieces of furniture later, we are here. All moved in, into our quaint new home in Ottawa.  Although we havent had too much time to venture out and explore the city, we have noticed that we are situated in a perfect location, close to all the major amentities such as grocerry stores, shopping, etc.

It’s been so exhausting, but at the same time exciting moving into our new place; thank god for my parents and our friends for their help – we would not be in the state we are if it wasn’t for them. Although we are all moved in, there is still unpacking and organizing that needs to be done; which is actually one of the things I look forward to.

Once I get a few more areas organized  in our home I’ll write a post and share some photos!

Overall, we are STOKED to be here and to begin this new chapter of our lives!