As some of you may know, we are freezing over here in Canada. For the past couple of weeks we have been experiencing temperatures in the minuses non-stop. During the day, the thermometer hesitates around the -15/-20 degree Celsius mark, but with the wind-chill it can go anywhere from -30/-45 degrees Celsius. If it was up to me, there would be a mandatory “snow day” for temperatures like this, called “cold-day” and you wouldn’t be required to attend work (especially if you work in an office environment and can complete your work from home…).

Well, since it’s not my decision to make, the truth is, we just have to bundle up and brave the outdoors like the true Canadians we are. The basics for a Canadian during the winter; of course, depending on the region where you live items may differ, but I will be referring to the Toronto area for this purpose.

COAT – The most important item in your closet will be a good winter coat. Last year, my husband and I decided to invest in some proper winter coats – Bae has been warm ever since in his Canada Goose Parka, and I’ve been comfy and warm as ever in my Aritzia Parka. Good doesn’t always mean expensive, and I’m sure there are many coats out there you can find under $250 which will keep you just as warm. My two coats are just an example.

BOOTS – Ugg and Sorel boots are our go-to shoes for this weather/season. I’m always extra cold so I live in my Sorel’s (which are waterproof and super insulated), and my husband wears his Uggs.

SCARF, HAT, MITTENS – this goes without saying;a scarf, gloves, and hat have become a natural part of my daily outfit since this weather has hit us.

CLOTHING – In terms of clothing, I guess it depends on where you work, if you have to dress office casual or can be a little bit more laid back; either way though, there are warmer options for you. Personally, I live in my corduroys and knit sweaters for about four months, while it’s this cold. It’s a good thing that the corduroys trend is reappearing; at least I can find some fairly fashionable trousers! In term of denim, forget it – your legs will turn that same color blue within five minutes if you decide to wear your jeans out this time of year (unless of course you layer really well underneath – which is highly unlikely – or you will only be outside for a quick minute – which I still don’t entirely recommend denim for, but hey, up to you).

SKIN CARE – just like in the summer we protect our skin from UV rays, this time of year we have to protect our skin from the cold air that whips at us unexpectedly.

Of course, there are MANY other items which can be recommended for the winter, but these are my top few pieces of advice for beginners!


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