Less is More they say – and I agree!

Minimalism has been taking over part of the fashion world for some time now – of course, there is still a large population who is all about details and all things opposite minimalism, but it really seems like everywhere I look on social media, the style is leading towards minimalism.

From clothing to accessories, it seems that the less colour mixing and crazy patterns, the better. Again, depending on the type of style you have, where you live, etc. Personally, I’ve done a bit of reorganizing and rethinking of my entire closet, accessories, etc, and I’m basically down to a very minimalistic style. I have many tricks and tips to share on how to create your own style and outfits, to ensure that you truly get the wear out of them they deserve, and you look your very best.


First of all, try the minimalistic view, less is more, and follow that rule whenever you can. When putting together an outfit, don’t always try to force an extra piece of jewelery, or a belt to “complete you look”.

You shouldn’t feel that you must have a strong smokey eye and bright lip… pick one or the other.

Try sticking to two colours in your outfits that complement each other well, or if you go for more, make sure they are either basic colours such as black and white with a red, for example OR try different shades of grey.

Keeping things simple, means keeping them classy, feminine, and delicate!






As some of you may know, we are freezing over here in Canada. For the past couple of weeks we have been experiencing temperatures in the minuses non-stop. During the day, the thermometer hesitates around the -15/-20 degree Celsius mark, but with the wind-chill it can go anywhere from -30/-45 degrees Celsius. If it was up to me, there would be a mandatory “snow day” for temperatures like this, called “cold-day” and you wouldn’t be required to attend work (especially if you work in an office environment and can complete your work from home…).

Well, since it’s not my decision to make, the truth is, we just have to bundle up and brave the outdoors like the true Canadians we are. The basics for a Canadian during the winter; of course, depending on the region where you live items may differ, but I will be referring to the Toronto area for this purpose.

COAT – The most important item in your closet will be a good winter coat. Last year, my husband and I decided to invest in some proper winter coats – Bae has been warm ever since in his Canada Goose Parka, and I’ve been comfy and warm as ever in my Aritzia Parka. Good doesn’t always mean expensive, and I’m sure there are many coats out there you can find under $250 which will keep you just as warm. My two coats are just an example.

BOOTS – Ugg and Sorel boots are our go-to shoes for this weather/season. I’m always extra cold so I live in my Sorel’s (which are waterproof and super insulated), and my husband wears his Uggs.

SCARF, HAT, MITTENS – this goes without saying;a scarf, gloves, and hat have become a natural part of my daily outfit since this weather has hit us.

CLOTHING – In terms of clothing, I guess it depends on where you work, if you have to dress office casual or can be a little bit more laid back; either way though, there are warmer options for you. Personally, I live in my corduroys and knit sweaters for about four months, while it’s this cold. It’s a good thing that the corduroys trend is reappearing; at least I can find some fairly fashionable trousers! In term of denim, forget it – your legs will turn that same color blue within five minutes if you decide to wear your jeans out this time of year (unless of course you layer really well underneath – which is highly unlikely – or you will only be outside for a quick minute – which I still don’t entirely recommend denim for, but hey, up to you).

SKIN CARE – just like in the summer we protect our skin from UV rays, this time of year we have to protect our skin from the cold air that whips at us unexpectedly.

Of course, there are MANY other items which can be recommended for the winter, but these are my top few pieces of advice for beginners!



This past December, I came to a realization – my skin has changed. I wonder if it’s because of my age, maybe my environment, maybe stress levels, OR most likely, a combination of all of the above. Once I realized I require a different skin care routine for the cooler/colder months, than the one I was using during the summer, I started my research.

In the summer time, my skin is super oily, and in the winter it’s super dry – could I not have the perfect in between skin all year long? In a way it’s frustrating, but at the same time, this gives me the opportunity to switch up my routine and try out new products, and of course, go shopping!


Since it’s winter and I’m in my winter skin routine, let me tell you a little about it and what products I’ve come to love! It’s quite simple actually, I learnt about First Aid Beauty first through online research, then by consulting with a skin care professional, and this has become the one and only product I trust for my face during the winter time.

So, here are the products I have been using and what I think of them:
F.A.B. Face Cleanser My main goal for face wash is for it to be scent free, and gentle. This one specifically does just what it should – it washes away all my dry skin, oils, and even makeup! After drying, my face feels smooth and purely clean – it’s actually quite satisfying and amazing!



F.A.B. Facial Radiance Pads I LOVE toner pads, especially for a quick clean in between washes if I’m feeling my skin is dry /oily or just needs a refresher. These came in a package of 60 pads, which is just the right amount, to use them before they go dry. Another great thing about them is that after using them, my skin isn’t dry and stiff, it just feels like I’ve washed my face; fresh and clean.

F.A.B. Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration: This moisturizer is heaven sent, especially for the winter season and dry skin! The moisturizer is thick and you don’t need a lot. It goes on smooth and even with its thickness it sinks in just right. I also learned that you can use this moisturizer all over your body and not just on your face – GENIUS!

Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer: I never thought I would need, or even want to use this type of product, but once I started, I can’t stop! I love putting this on my skin about 5 minutes after washing and moisturizing, to let the moisturizer sink in. What I love about this too, is that you can skip the moisturizer if you want to!


F.A.B. Ultra Repair Lip Therapy: After I apply the coconut primer, and before I start doing my makeup, I apply a small amount of the LIP to my lips. It sinks in and restores my lips moisture while I’m doing the rest of my makeup. This LIP is perfect for the base of a lipstick as it’s not greasy or too oily, and helps the lipstick to be applied in a smooth manner to your lips.



F.A.B. Masks: All summer long I used various charcoal masks, but, since my skin gets to dry in the winter, charcoal has become an enemy. I recently purchased these three F.A.B. face masks, so I can’t say how I like them just yet, but if they’re anything like the previous products I’ve mentioned (which I’m 99% sure they are), they will be amazing!

Have you tried any of the First Aid Beauty products? Are there any other ones you would recommend?



“Stop looking for H A P P I N E S S in the same place you lost it”

There’s someone so powerful about this statement, especially at this time of the year. Every year when January rolls around and we start a new year, many of us set new goals and challenges for ourselves, find ways to implement positive changes, and do an overall review of our lifestyles, in hopes of reinventing our lives for the better. ALL very positive and achievable factors which I love, and live by myself.

So, now that we have this lifestyle plan figured out, we just need to determine a manner for which we will carry it out in. This is where today’s quote comes in. On this gloomy and rainy winter Friday, as I was sipping my morning tea, I came across this quote, by my daily inspiration; KAYLA ITSINES, and I literally stopped scrolling for a minute and just reflected on it. Automatically, this put a smile on my face because of its reality and authenticity – I love it!

The truth is, we can find HAPPINESS all around us, but of course, there are places which are better for us to look for it than others. I normally don’t do this, but think back to a place or memory where you weren’t yourself, weren’t in your happy place, and overall were not enjoying life. Try to think of a location, a specific place, a mindset – and the reasoning for that mentality. Now, DON’T GO THERE to find your happiness. In fact, place it on the far sidelines, end of the bench, and rip that page from your notebook. Time to start a clean sheet of paper, a new chapter, and a new team to help you achieve and find your true happiness.

If you didn’t full achieve your goals from last year, think why you didn’t, what the mindset was, what the plan was, and simply don’t repeat that thinking it will work out this time. IT WONT. if it didn’t work for you in the first place, there’s a reason for it – so don’t waste your time and energy recreating. Instead, redirect that energy to creating a different headspace, different motivation, a different location to find your happiness.

For example, last year I worked out in one of the spare rooms in my house; it was an okay experience, and I found that I just couldn’t stay as motivated as I wanted to. This year, I decided to move my “workout space” to a different location of the house, overlooking the city through large windows. I’m thinking this small change will really impact the way my motivation shifts to a more positive outlook on staying on track with a workout plan.

Have you made any adjustments or changes to your goals that impact the location or space that you’re in? Do you think this is an effective way of refreshing continuous goals?


The New Year is here and it’s time to put to action our goals! Each one of us will have our own set of goals and determinations for the year, so I will definitely not tell you what to aspire for, but I will try to provide inspiration, motivation, and tips to truly reach your goals and make the most of this year.

When browsing various social media sites this past week, I have read (and liked) MANY posts about New Year’s resolutions, inspirational quotes, and motivational habits. All of this positivity really got me thinking, how do I put all of these wonderful thoughts into one packaged deal that I can relate to in one sentence? Well, easier said than done, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it all fits into my lifestyle psychology of HEALTH + HAPPINESS.

In my dictionary, HEALTH + HAPPINESS can be translated into both personal goals and lifestyle choices, as well as attributes we can share and spread onto others. In my latest Instagram post I introduced one of these functions in connection to my HEALTH + HAPPINESS theory.

“In 2 0 1 8 surround yourself with people who are: INSPIRED + PASSIONATE + MOTIVATED + GRATEFUL + OPEN MINDED”

In my opinion, we can look at this statement in two ways.
ONE: Surround yourself with people who you can look up to, who will be a good influence on you. Being around people who inspire you to grow and develop as a person, who beam positivity, and who open your mind to ideas, are great people to have in your life!

TWO: Surround yourself with people who are just like you. If you think that you have all of the above mentioned attributes by all means you want to be surrounded by others who are like-minded.
By surrounding yourself with others who live and breathe in a similar mentality as you only develops and grows your positivity even more!

Looking back on the saying of surrounding yourself with influential people, it really does make sense!

Good Luck!

HELLO 2 0 1 8

New Year, New YOU!?

Right? WRONG! As soon as the new year comes around, we tend to believe that it’s time to change and reinvent ourselves – of course, it can be a great opportunity to start fresh, rethink some if our strategies, try new things, etc, but we really shouldn’t look at it with as much pressure as the media puts on it!

You are YOU, and you’re great – don’t try to do a 360 and update everything about yourself.  Yes, there are a few things we all want to change about ourselves, but it’s important to know and remain within realistic limits and goals.

Some of the most common goals we set for ourselves, such as the following, may not be the most relalistic for the majority of us, simply based on our lifestyles.

“I will work out five days a week” – for someone who doesn’t work out regularly, this is not a realistic goal to make. You will become overwhelmed with the pressure and (most likely) sooner than later give up. There goes your fitness goal.

“I will make a home cooked meal every night” – if this truly is realistic for you, I’m jealous! Working full time, completing a Univeristy, and volunteering, means I don’t have much time for sitting around. Over this last year I’ve learned some great tricks on how to meal prep; such as simply making more and freezing or making dinner for two nights as opposed to one. Do some research about meal prep and make a schedule for each weeks dinner plans – sometimes plans may change, but for the most part this will help you organize those last minute ideas!

“I will stop eating sweets and sugar” – If you have a sweet tooth like me, cutting sugars out of your diet in one hit may be quite difficult, and again, unrealistic. Instead of entirely cutting it out, start by reducing the amount you consume; try replacing unhealthy sweets with healthier options.

I want to help you to see how you can take these “dreams and visions” and translate them into actionable and reliastic goals that you can keep with you for the year. So make your list, and try to follow a few of the tips I discussed above!

G O O D  L U C K!